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Kobe 8—The Most Painful Memory

After seeing the news that Kobe die in the accident, except grief, I’m wondering what I can do to inherit the Mamba spirit as a sneaker evaluation blogger.

Heroes come and go , but legends forever. Mamba never out. Mamba Forever For KobeR.I.P

  1. Say goodbye to Zoom

We used to call the Kobe series basketball shoes as ZK. But actually, the Kobe 8 is the first pair of basketball shoes which NIKE don’t use ZOOM on the basketball shoes.

The full name of KOBE 8 is ‘Kobe VIII System’. So ZK8 doesn’t really exist

  1. Kinds of insole

The most important reason that KOBE 8 hasn’t been call as Zoom Kobe VIII is the insole of KOBE 8 is changed to be full-length lunar, and it cancels the symbolic separated ZOOM Air.

But KOBE 8 uses 3 different insole configurations. It’s changed via the shoe-pad, except the full-length Lunar, it also has cushion with separated Zoom Air, and cushion with ZOOM Air on the rear sole.

  1. Light and Fast

If you still remember that age, then you will remember that advertisement very well.

The unit weight of US9 is only 9.6 ounce (272g).

The secret to the ultimate in lightweight is the innovation of vamp.

KOBE 8 uses innovated knitted Engineered Mesh vamp. The air permeability is great, and it’s very light.

  1. Elite version

Sure, the Elite version is essential.

Comparing with the normal models, this time the Elite version is upgraded.

The position of forefoot sole is added with 2 dynamic flywire. And the TPU on shoe heel is developed to carbon fiber. It improves the fitness of the shoes.

The insole uses cushion with ZOOM on rear sole.

  1. F4 2.0

The 2012-13 offseason, the lakers is formed with the NBA’s top 4 players, except Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol,  and Lakers signed with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. That’s the time of F4 2.0.

  1. All-Star

In the 2013 NBA all-star game, Bryant was voted the winner of the NBA all-star game again and was selected to the NBA all-star game for the 15th consecutive time, becoming the player with the most consecutive all-star games in NBA history. At the same time, he equaled Jordan’s all-star record with two steals.

Of course, we also can’t forget KOBE 8 ASG.

  1. Surpassing Wilt Chamberlain

In the competition of Lakers to Kings on March 30th, 2013, Kobe surpass Wilt Chamberlain to be 4th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

  1. The most painful memory

On Apr. 12th, 2013, it’s the competition that Bryant’s fans don’t want to look back again.

At the end of sports competition season, after a series of high-intensity games, Bryant was finally overwhelmed by accumulated fatigue and injuries, Bryant’s Achilles’s tendon broken.

In addition to the endless sorrow and regret that he left us, the most important thing is undoubted the Mamba spirit of never giving up.

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