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Nike Kobe 11 Performance Review

For the Kobe 11, that is my favorite shoes since I was in high school, I’ve played in every Kobe from I to X and find it plays very most similarly to the IX . It was popular for this one . Eric Avar has adopted a low-profile design and uses  Flyknit material, which is tougher and firmer to provide better protection. The midsole still used Lunarlon in the forefoot.

Today we will take about it .

For the box ,it was simply with all black .

For the material : again the  FlyKnit used , This provides the flexibility that one expects from FlyKnit, but provides a lot of structure and’s almost executed perfectly this time around. It’s not raw FlyKnit. Also the TPU used , it is nice setting up.

Id text and patterns. The text is abbreviation and bryant, the number is a birthday. It is also a coincidence that we are the same birthday, I like this design anyway.

For the traction : As usually Kobe 11 is simply but it work well.They gripped on courts is nice , but it is need in the inside of court, the performance is great. I can also tell you that the weird spine that travels down the middle of the outsole saves the shoe when traction is less than desirable. The grip performance was a surprise to me when  I went to the rubber field where I often play. Although the grip I was still dripping in the dribble. There was no skidding compared to my aj31.That section grips when the other section doesn’t. So, the more force that is applied the better that section will bite the floor. but if you are playing outside , maybe the dust will be a problem .How will you know which floors the shoes will be compatible with? There is only one way to find out,just played

The Lunarlon itself isn’t as soft as the 8 but it is amazing for 11. I was thinking to the 9 which a little harder . It’s s nice medium between the two. It also play a little lower to the ground than the 9 about as low as the 8. It work well in the court. all in all ,I like  this setting up.

I like the cushion setup in terms in fluidity and transition. For me,I’d rather have full Lunarlon or full Zoom Air. Again, both of these setups are available.though the price is higher , Some may really enjoy the combo setup ,it willl be a little bounce when you playing . Casually, I think it’s great 。

Overall , the fit to be perfect. The midfoot fits perfectly, and the tongue feels amazing when laced up tightly.