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Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Performance Review

There are many new models that are released on January. It’s necessary to talk about Jordan Why Not Zer0.3. As Why Not Zer series has get good feedback in the market. Why Not Zer0.3 keeps the design philosophy of previous series, but it’s also improved comparing with Why Not Zer0.1 & Zer0.2. Why Not Zer0.3 is a pair of speed type defender’s shoes.


The jointed vamp looks great. The vamp is made of fabric, transparent mesh fabric and leather. The leather material and hot-melting reinforcement on the vamp can improve the protection and supporting performance. The Velcro above the shoelaces can be adjusted to fit the foot. This design is excellent.

The first released colorway is grey with the decoration of yellow, orange, black, green, blue etc. on the sole. Although the main colorway is grey and white, but the sole is attractive, it is very suitable to Westbrook.

 Insole: Why Not Zer0.3 still uses the separated front and rear sole design. Except the full-length Phylon, the forefoot sole uses ZOOM TURBO air cushion which has the groove can improve the flexibility and feedback.

Although the cushion performance of rear sole is not excellent, but it’s enough.

The arch part has TPU supporting plate which improves the anti-torsion performance and stability. The upturning design of insole also improves the supporting performance and anti-torsion performance.

Traction performance: The saw-toothed grain on the outsole offers omni bearing traction performance. But it needs time to break-in.

The size is normal size. You can have a try on physical store before purchasing it on line. The shoe heel is filled with independent foam, so that the heel is not easy to loosen. As it uses big area of ventilated mesh fabric on the vamp, the weight is light.

Overall, the performance of Why Not Zer0.3 has been improved a lot comparing with Zer0.2. If you like it, it’s worthy to purchase it now.

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Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Performance Review

Jordan Why Not Zer0 is always my favorite shoes.  After playing basketball games about 2 hours, riding about half an hour and walking about 1 hour, here I want to share some performance reviews with you.

The feedback of big air cushion of Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 on forefoot sole is not so good as Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. We have deconstrued Jordan Why Not Zer0.3. You can see the shape of the big air cushion.

It’s not better than Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, maybe due to the groove. If it doesn’t have the groove on the sole, the feedback maybe better.

It’s also not better than Kyrie 5, as the air cushion of Kyrie 5 is close to shoe-pad, so the feedback will be more obviously.

But the actual cushion performance should be the same level when playing basketball.

We found that the foam of rear sole has punching holes, in theory, the rear sole will be easy to deform and be softer.

The weight of Why Not Zer0.3 is not heavy, and the air permeability is better than Why Not Zer0.2 and Why Not Zer0.2 SE.

The traction performance of Why Not Zer0.3 is much better than Why Not Zer0.2. I can’t evaluate the abrasive resistance now.

Why Not Zer0.3 has the same plastic plate on the arch as Why Not Zer0.2. The anti-rollover performance is great. It’s said that the tenacity is better than Why Not Zer0.2 and it won’t break, it needs times to test it.

The anti-torsion performance of Why Not Zer0.3 is improved.

I thought that the upturning sawtooth design is to improve the anti-torsion performance. But after testing, it’s not so useful

The height and hardness of the upturning sawtooth design are the same as Why Not Zer0.2

The shoe-pad is on the red line, not the blue line. The upturning area and height are almost the same.

Below is the improvement of Why Not Zer0.3:

So the Velcro design is useful.

If using this anti-torsion design of Ambassador 9 on Why Not Zer0.3, it will be great.

As my instep is high, the Velcro design of Kyrie 6 is unsuitable for me. The Velcro of Why Not Zer0.3 is close to forefoot, it’s similar to PG1. So if your instep is high, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

The design of shoe tree is suitable for most of foot types.

The inner length is a little longer about 2mm than Why Not Zer0.2. It’s not big difference.

Overall, I think that Why Not Zer0.3 is the enhanced edition of Kyrie 5. It’s lighter, the air permeability and anti-rollover performance is better.


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Closed Look and Unboxing: Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

Hey, guys, did you receive the favorite Christmas gifts?

If not, let’s have a look at Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 today.

Size:US9 EUR42.5

Unit Weight:380G

At the end of 2019, the second annual wave of signature shoes are coming. Why Not Zer0.3 is the most attractive model.

I love Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, but it has the risk of breaking sole. So I’m worried about it. So as the lightest Why Not Zer series shoes, does NIKE make improvement for Jordan Why Not Zer0.3?

The shoebox of Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is the same as Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. It’s black scrawl style. The front side of shoebox is Westbrook’s logo. And both sides of shoebox is JUMPMAN logo.

The side tag of vamp marks the PF (Performance Fit) as Why Not Zer0.2. PF is made for the foot type of Asian. The shoetree is widened. So it’s more suitable for Asian’s foot.


The overall design is similar to Why Not Zer0.2.  But the feeling of first look is not so strong as Why Not Zer0.2.

Undoubtedly, the intense contrast colorway design and vamp is almost the same as Why Not Zer0.2. But after have a close-up view at it, you will find that they are similar, but not the same.

It looks like that the vamp uses several materials. But the big area of vamp is ventilated mesh fabric.

The lining under the mesh fabric is thick.

There is a piece of hot-melting reinforcement on the shoe head. Meanwhile, it’s seamed with two pieces of synthetic leathers on both sides of forefoot vamp. It also has such design on the shoe heel.

The buckle of shoelaces is also seamed. And the colors of each buckle is different. So it has a great visual impact.

Comparing with Why Not Zer0.2, the biggest difference of Why Not Zer0.3 is the extra transparent Velcro design on the forefoot vamp. So it can offer better fit.

Why Not Zer0.3 also uses a half-sole inner sleeve and dynamic shell design as Why Not Zer0.2. And it has a piece of padding on the shoe collar and built-in counter.

Why Not Zer0.3 still uses single ZOOM air cushion on the forefoot insole.

It’s not unexpected. As we mentioned before, Westbrook likes the single ZOOM air cushion on the forefoot insole.

But the air cushion on forefoot insole of Why Not Zer0.3 is different with Why Not Zer0.2.

Firstly, the area of air cushion is bigger. And it designs many grooves on the air cushion. It’s for exerting force when breaking-through.

For the outsole, Why Not Zer0.3 abandon the radial circles outsole, but using normal horizontal herringbone outsole.

We can see that the grain on forefoot sole uses obvious cutting groove design. And the sole is XDR. So the abrasive resistance should be good.

The most attracting part of outsole is the insole supporting plate and shoe tag.

There is a piece of white stiff TPU on the insole which connects the separated forefoot sole and rear sole. Westbrook likes this kind of design. It’s also for saluting the insole design of AJ28.

AJ uses the Flight Speed technology firstly on AJ28.

This piece of TPU is also dredge-up design which can offer better support to arch.

Why Not Zer0.3 put the shoe tag on outsole again, it’s also a characteristic of Why Not Zer series shoes. The shoe tag is changed from rear sole to forefoot sole.

This colorway is called as ‘Zero Noise’.

Actually, the design inspiration of Why Not Zer0.3 ‘Zero Noise’comes from the noisy points of TV station.

The shoe head is imprinted with WHY and NOT.

The first buckle of shoelaces is printed with Westbrook’s logo.

It also print JUMPMAN on the Velcro

The shoe tag on the left and right shoes are embroidered with the design inspiration of this colorway and WHY NOT logo.

The pull-tab on the shoe tongue is printed with Jordan logo. And it also has the handwriting logo of Westbrook.

The inner side of shoe tongue has a special symbol which is to memory Westbrook’s good friend Bars.

The extending part of anti-torsion plate has Westbrook’s logo and Jumpman logo.

Overall, Why Not Zer0.3 has strong personal style signature shoes. And it make improvement for the disadvantage of Why Not Zer0.2.

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Jordan Brand Officially Unveils Russell Westbrook’s Why Not Zer0.3

The colorway Zer0 Noiseand “The Family”of Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 will be released on Jan., 2020. The colorway Heartbeatwill be released on Mar. 5th, 2020.

For the configuration, Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 still has the single ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole. But according to the official information, the area of air cushion is bigger than Jordan Why Not Zer0.2.

If it doesn’t have the breaking risk of sole, Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 will be my most favorite basketball shoes in 2019. The great cushion performance of forefoot sole and insole design is very suitable for breaking through.

The forefoot sole of Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 uses radial type ZOOM Air cushion. It’s conducive to break through.

In additionally, it reduces the height of upper. The position of forefoot sole is closer to ground than Zer0.3. The design accords to the playing way of Westbrook.

It adds a Velcro on the vamp of forefoot. It’s new design on the Why Not series shoes.

We’re expecting that Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 will solve the problem of insole. As the outsole of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 is easy to broke.

The outsole of Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is still the separated type. It salutes to the design idea of AJ28. Air Jordan 28 is also the favorite shoes of Westbrook. This kind of outsole design don’t have the breaking risk.

The first released ZERO NOISErepresents the passion and attention of Westbrook to the competition.

The inspiration of“The Family”come from his family. It has the new family crest on the inner side of shoe tongue.

My favorite colorway is Heartbeat, the black and pin colorway is very attractive. The inspiration of this colorway comes from the women family member of Westbrook. The pink comes from the bedroom colorway of his twins daughters.

So do you like Jordan Why Not Zer0.3?