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JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3 PF Deconstructed

From Air Jordan series basketball shoes to his own signature shoes Why Not Zer0 series, Russell Westbrook should be the most influential spokesman of Jordan Brand.

Why Not Zer0 series are totally designed by the playing way of Westbrook. The new Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is released, let’s have a look at its inner structure today.


Splitting the left shoes from middle part

From the side section, we can see that Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 uses ZOOM TURBO air cushion on forefoot sole, and it also has arch TPU supporting plate

Separating the vamp with insole

The independent shoe tongue design is suitable for kinds of foot type to put on.

The shoe heel has independent foam. The design is great. It fits the heel tendon well.

We can see the thickness and position of foam from this angle.

The black shoe-pad is printed with JUMPMAN logo.

The insole fabric is EVA material. It looks good.

The woven fabric is printed with JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3, and the releasing information ‘SP20-CD3002’and size.

JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3 uses full-length PHYLON cushion insole.

The right side of insole is printed with parts’ information.

The rear sole has some punching holes which offer quick resilience on strength.

Could it improve the durability if the shoe-pad contact outsole directly? Or will it reduce the noice?

The JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3 uses ZOOM TURBO air cushion which is design for the playing way of Westbrook. The groove on the surface of air cushion is divided into three parts, but it hasn’t been divided into three air cushions. It improves the flexibility and it has excellent resilience.

The length of EUR44 air cushion on forefoot sole is about 80.86mm.

The width of EUR44 air cushion on forefoot sole is about 79.41mm.

The thickness of EUR44 air cushion forefoot sole is about 10.60mm.

The TPU supporting plate covers the arch, the area is big. The stability is great.

The rear sole acute angle of arch TPU supporting plate is close to the position of forefoot sole.

The reverse side of TPU supporting plate has reinforcement to improve the anti-torsion performance.

The length of EUR44 TPU supporting plate is about 117.37mm.

The width of EUR44 middle TPU supporting plate is about 92.32mm.

The thickness of EUR44 TPU supporting plate is about 3.03mm.

The separated rubber outsole salutes to Westbrook’s favorite outsole of AIR JORDAN 28.

The thickness of XDR rubber is about 3.96mm.

Under the condition of decompression, the thickness of EUR44 forefoot insole and outsole is about 18.07mm.

The thickness of EUR44 rear insole and outsole is about 25.30mm.

The insole structure schematic diagram of JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3.

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The vamp is made of kinds materials and colors. It’s very suitable for fashion Westbrook. It’s attractive.

Insole: The insole has flat groove ZOOM TURBO air cushion. It’s near to the outsole of forefoot sole. The feedback is very sensitive. The flexibility is improved. And it improves the comfort level. The arch TPU supporting plate also improves the stability.

Overall: The workmanship of JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3 is great. It deals with the details very well. The inner configuration is changed to be more suitable for Westbrook.

Westbrook said that I’m excited to have JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.3. It not only has great performance, but also fashion.