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Under discussion Air Jordan VS adidas yeezy

As a the generation after 80s after the two brands of products are recognized.
But as a witness to the peak of the birth of the god of basketball fans Air Jordan series most of the products more attractive to me.
In recent years, Air Jordan high market monopoly structure.
Making Air Jordan more and more self-willed whether it is materials or workmanship are so that fans fans Tucao constantly.
But why is still a shoe is hard to say that white Air Jordan is a bitter to seize the consumer’s psychology
Hunger marketing + star effect + cattle premium + story tell feelings pregnant.
And this group of the main consumer is often the same as my witness to help the peak of the generation after 70s& 80s after the peak.
By the year’s information and economic constraints that year the memories of the basketball to these people left a lot of regret.

Until the economic independence of today’s pair of pairs of regret to make up.
(As for now many have not seen Jordan play the generation after 90s & 00s after still have a strong interest in AJ shoes I also want to know the reason.
This age of JRS may wish to talk about your point of view.
As for the adidas YEEZY series is the past few years Adidas back to the market share of an important element
Just from the appearance point of view it did not impress me such an uncle I even think it is ugly
But his market premium rate is high scary,Apply yesterday to see a JR replies he said
“YEEZY grab a lot of many market prices are also very high but in the tiger rush to see some people at high prices to buy YEEZY after the release of shoes.
Is rich second generation are not on the flutter or how ”
In contrast to Air jordan and YEEZY, which is more inclined to civilians with high liquidity, is more pronounced as a niche.
Adidas of course, very clever copy of Air Jordan’s marketing strategy but they are missing the Jordan this iconic figure.
So their strategy is
Hunger marketing + star effect + cattle premium
Tell the story to sell this feeling is Air Jordan to maintain long-term stability of the important factors
Of course, boost technology can be used as a substitute for a short time to let the public willing to early adopters
But you want to make consumers continue to pay for a single science and technology, then it is obviously not realistic
Air jordan is basically follow the old technology put on a new color to tell a story and the shoes can be sold well
On the contrary Yeezy does not have this advantage.
Comprehensive Air Jordan and adidas technology research and development obviously adidas put the funds and resources will be more.
Yeezy if the volume of sales, then the market value will go downhill.
Although the current high degree of concern, but because the volume is very little for adidas sales is simply not support role.
After a few years after the re-engraved the recent NMD OG color seems to have been out but feel the market attention compared to the beginning of the year is not a little bit.
So Air Jordan’s selling feelings of the strategy is not copy is also the guarantee of sales.
As for adidas yeezy lack of emotional factors if the future can continue to join the blitz new technology adidas may be able to fight for a blue sky.
Above is a personal point of view welcome everyone to discuss Kazakhstan