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Jordan super fly 2017 Performance


The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 with the new cushioning system with Nike’s new REACT foam.Instead of the FlightPlate or FlightSpeed support system, Jordan Brand opted to combat four critical pressure points on the foot through REACT’s multidirectional traction pattern that allowed for explosive return of energy and cushioning all at once.


“Every basketball player relies on footwork. Our shoes need to be effective for all moves on the court,” said David Creech, Jordan VP of Design. So we will check Jordan super fly 2017 today.


Seen here in a “Hornets” themed colorway, the Super.Fly 2017 joins an already robust selection of Jordan footwear and apparel that represent the franchise owned by the man himself.

For the box ,it is nothing special .The gold jump men with black box.

The details of info of side .

For the weight , it is just only 406g for the size EUR 43.

Then here we check the weight of other shoes , such as the Adidas D Rose 7   and Air Jordan, the Adidas D Rose 7 is about the 454g for the size EUR 43, Air Jordan XXXI is about 448g for the size RUR 44 .

So the Jordan super fly 2017 actually will be lightweight, maybe the material reason.


For the material: It is used suede material, which will be more protection .I mean the toe parts, it is will be more protection, then the material is soft and comfortable. I felt the last version will be more stiff for the material , maybe the materail reason. if you like the bypass any break-in time and enjoy a softer ride from your upper ,then this is one will be the best option.

The Jordan super fly 2017 used the Flight Web+ Flywire” system 。


The Flight Web fit system uses a mesh to wrap the foot and combine it with the laces  to create a more wrapping and protection. The Air Jordran XX9 just used the Flight Web.

Flywire founder Jay Meschter  used this kind of material in the shoes, he used the thin wires surround the shoes , and all of thins wires will be the key point of supporting . The engineered fibers are as  the one of  material  . For example: Air Jordan XXX1 just used this kind of material.

However the Jordan super fly 2017 just combined two kind of material.they called “Flight Web+ Flywire”. it is a special design with the great wrapping.

The full-length REACT core cushioning system  used in the Jordan super fly 2017, so whats  the REACT ?

Nike React is a cushioning material with light weight,  responsive and excellent durability. These three characteristics are the “perfect” of cushioning technology .

For convenience of description, the REACT material, the midsole material, and the outsole are labeled with different colors.
Yellow: REACT material
Green: midsole material
Purple and blue: outsole material


Nike REACT has the greatest return of energy of any foam tested by Nike Basketball based on 2,000 hours worth of data gathered at the Nike Sports Research Lab. Pressure maps helped show where athletes needed support and what resulted was a REACT foam that was both springy and stable at different moments.


For the Fully length REACT midsole technology,through the density test, it is concluded that the average density of REACT of Jordan super fly 2017 is 0.190 g/cm 3 which is much larger than the average density of HD+LUNAR 0.106 g/cm 3 , which is close to the average density of Jordan super fly 2017 PHYLON of 0.203 g/cm 3 . In other words, the density of the REACT material is significantly more than that of the LUNAR material. but for the the LUNAR material  has one shortcoming which will be stiff if used long time .

The React performance is nice  “Right away you notice the responsiveness of Nike React,” says Griffin. “Whatever move you make, it goes along with you.”

The insole uses an Ortholite material, which looks like a treated front and a different insole.

For the traction : The  translucent traction actually amazing. I felt more grip and  rubber pattern also  improved the gripA.nalysis of Griffin’s needs informs the overall design of the Super.Fly 2017, which yields the ideal balance of comfort and response. Facilitating that equilibrium is a full-length Nike React core, simultaneously cushioning and offering energy  of the traction , it is work well.


We can see the more details as this picture . I felt  a grip whatever the indoor and outdoor.

Compare with other shoes , I can felt the gripping will be better,,maybe the pattern of trction.

JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2017 PFX and JORDAN SUPER.FLY 2017 PF are  the two pairs of shoes used this kind of material, “PF” stands for Asian foot type, “X” stands for more wear and is more suitable for outdoor .

The current version of the Air Jordan Flying Man LOGO and “FIGHT” in the upper has 3M reflection.

For the supporting , it is nice .The one-piece overlay along the upper will lose some support if you go with the mesh version,but if you can not felt enough for the  supporting , just tight the “Flight Web+ Flywire” , it is will be more protection and keep you super secure and on the footbed , especially when you running .


The shoes lace also have own special meaning .

The React of cushioning : the data of the cushion : the thickness of the shoes is 6.72 mm and the midsole of part is 14.15 mm.I felt the more responsive but not too soft.

I like the court feel but want some sort of protection underfoot then this is an ideal setup. It’s definitely better for you than something like the Kyrie 3. If you’re looking for plush cushion then this isn’t the setup you’re looking for.Compare with other brand ,it is will be great . All I know is that coring out midsoles is something that has been proven to work over the years

Here are more shoes picture as below :

Overall, Comfort and response are also key characteristics of the form-fitting, one-piece upper. Allowing for a natural fit, regardless of lace tightness, this method of construction supports multiple athlete,“Flight Web+ Flywire”system , all of these setting  are perfect , the most important is the price of this shoes have been not very higher , it is worth it.