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Air Jordan Hydro Slides Sandals Performance Review

Summer is coming , which the hottest in the year , so most of people will chose the slipper. Not only the current brands , but also the sports brand ,such as NiKE , the slipper is the popular in the summer .

Here are some details as below:

AIR JORDAN Hydro Sandals

Jordan Brand also had a big announcement this summer , in the form of letting everyone know that the AIR JORDAN Hydro

Jordan brand slide was inspired by most of Jordan shoes , most of colorway of slide are the same as Jordan shoes , such as OVO x Jordan 12 . The OVO x Air Jordan Hydro Slide features the same color scheme as next weekend’s biggest drop as a White and Gold makeup takes care of the entire slide

But today we are talking the AIR JORDAN Hydro 9 slides .

For me , I like this one very much .

The similar design of Air Jordan 9 with the logo of jump man .


The Jumpman also announced that that exact pair featuring of Nike .

The cushioning of slides is exactly the silica gel ,which can message for feet . But I feel not very comfortable when I first wear . when I wear longer , my feet feel massage from the special material.

Overall , AIR JORDAN Hydro slides are popular shoes .

The slides have more advantages such as popular design, durable  and comfortable material. The size is true .

Workmanship: the workmanship is great .

Design: Popular and fashion design.

But there are some disadvantages as below:

1,It is not touch in the water .If stay in the water for a long time , it will be split .

2,The glue is obviously. I don’t like the glue .