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Air Jordan 32 Low PF Deconstructed Report

Jordan Brand officially unveils the Air Jordan 32, a brand new sneaker that draws design inspiration from the Air Jordan II and blends it with the best basketball-specific innovations that a high-performance basketball shoe can be equally effective in its beauty.

Today we are talking about it . there are some pictures which from fastness as below :

We can see clearly from the part of sneakers .

For cushioning : Full-length Unlocked Zoom Air utilized for the Air Jordan 32 Low PF. It is perfect which  it  unlocked variety whereas the heel is bottom-loaded. You can feel the Zoom when you place enough pressure on the forefoot when playing . and the stability is great too. Though the bounce is not great , but we can still feel the spring ,  it feels comfortable  and  as you need the spring when playing , it is will be meet your required .

For me , I love it too much , this setup feels more balanced than unlocked setups compare with last version .While some get used to the feeling of a large volume Zoom Air unit protruding from the sole. it is amazing .so I can do what I want to do in the court .

For the material , thick Flyknit utilized  is great . Certain areas are very tightly knitted while others offer some stretch. and the ventilation is perfect . it would have been awesome be summer . but  the eyelet areas potentially ripping is a concern of mine. It is not a matter for a lot of people .

there are more details in the side .


For the lace system , it is amazing  that FLYWIRE   give us more support .

We can see the EVA material in the midsole .and there are more details in here .

This is FLIGHT SPEED which keep  flexibility and stability 

Here are some data for the FLIGH SPEED .

The wide and length,thickness  of date of FLIGH SPEED .

The date of AIR ZOOOM ,including the wide ,thickness, length date.

For the supporting ,it is also great .  The midsole sculpt in the rear may be off-putting for some from a design perspectiv as   it isn’t a clean line but it contains the rearfoot well upon lateral movements. It is did the job very well . For me , I had a ankle hurt before ,  so I need more supporting when I  playing , Air Jordan 32. also can support me enough on the court . I have to say it is great .

Also we  can see the clearly date from these pictures .

and the  classic LOGO of Air Jordan . Overall , I feel that fit and lockdown are better in the Air Jordan 32, as is the cushion is more stability and nicely .the great support and upper material may are the reason of what I loved .

What do you think ?

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Air Jordan 12 Retro Performance Review

Missed out on any of the PSNY Jordan 12s in the past? Here is another chances for get new one .

The Jordan Brand released  the Air Jordan 12 “Dark Grey”in the October .

Now we are talking about it .

The Air Jordan 12 “Dark Grey” with the white midsole and some material downgrades. Featuring a predominantly grey suede upper and looks like the PSNY inspirations will continue to roll out in GR form with the Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey.The tonal offering features a lifestyle combination a leather mudguard, a light grey outsole, and metallic gold lace eyelets will be attract a lot of people .If you feel that ventilation isn’t an attribute that you look for in a shoe then ignore this section, you can buy it .

For material,it is utilized the great leather with the suede  leather which look soft and comfortable .the Jordan 12  look better then the last version . these are leaps and bounds better too .For  the midsole, you will need to break these in a bit in order to start enjoying them. For the  ventilation  it is not good so your body’s heat and moisture will speed up especially for the summer .


A white midsole with a grey Jumpman, traction pods, and ’23’ on the heel. Furthermore, the ’23’ on the forefoot traction pod comes in Golden Harvest for another subtle pop underneath the sneaker.

For the supporting : The supporting of  air Jordan 12 is great .  Arch support is great while the overall fit and lockdown take care of the rest ,  for performance, it is not bad .

For the traction : solid traction due to the herringbone traction pattern are following the last version , The phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind when I playing , the  feeling on the court is great .The grip is amazing . But for someone  who feel stiff . the rounded edges of the outsole will serve you no purpose and you will likely slip or lose balance. especially for the  clean court .


For the cushioning , great cushion with the full-length Zoom Air unit which attraction by a lot of people .They are comfortable enough wearing casually but you won’t experience what these can truly do until you play in them.the court feeling is amazing . Responsive cushion and look no further as the Air Jordan XII will meet and possibly exceed your expectations . thats whats I feeling .


Overall ,This is a  one of my favorite sneakers , it performance well, great traction, awesome cushion, good materials, nice fit and so on .

What do you think of this fall rendition of the Air Jordan 12 Retro? Do the subtle hits of Golden Harvest provide enough pop for a cop?


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Air Jordan 32 ‘Rosso Corsa’ Unboxing Reviews

Since Russell Westbrook post the new Jordan 32 by his social account , the Jordan 32 was become a popular sneaker in the sneaker world .The shoes feature a newly engineered Flyknit upper and premium leather uppers that blend contemporary innovations with the original design ethos of the Air Jordan 2.

Today we are talking about it .


the red boxes that nothing special .

There is the logo on the boxes .therr

there is more details as below :

The more details of the shoes


For material .just as  “The Air Jordan game shoe line has always produced some of my favorite shoes,” says Jordan family member and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook. More flexible than any previous Jordan upper, the XXXII’s knit structure reduces stiffness at the forefoot and modernizes the moccasin-like toe box of the Jordan II. It is a Flyknit upper that uses high-tenacity yarn that should combine stretch, support, and zonal lock down.

The logo of BELLISSIMO in the tongue .

Flight Plate and heel Zoom positioned athletes for quick reactions

the jumpmen logo on the side


Flight Speed technology that should unleash the energy in the large Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel.

It also improves court feel and is aided by a fresh traction pattern, a herringbone formed of a series of almost wiper blade-like shapes.


there is  a logo LAUNCH

Ortholite insole


the size of US9’s insole  width was about 96.96 mm

the thickness is 5.95mm

the inside of Jordan 32

The weight of jordan 32


here are some picture that compare with the Jordan 32 

overall , it is worth to buy

to be continued

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Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Deconstructed Report

The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 featuring Nike React is the ultimate tool was released in this summer .

“Every basketball player relies on footwork. Our shoes need to be effective for all moves on the court,” says Jordan VP of Design, David Creech, So the design of Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is meet the versatile basketball player and their requirement of balanced footwork .

Today we are Dismantling the sneakers .




First of all, as a pair of 44.5 yard shoes, the weight of 412g is relatively light, so the design may be just to alleviate the burden of flying. According to the shoe released’s picture is not difficult to see that the SF2017 version and the first color is not red by the same two kinds of shoe uppers, specifically what is the difference, may have to wait until the first listing in order to contrast color.

Fly2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays.and the inner layer boots are equipped with flying wire and wrapped by outer boots. The first step of disassembly is to cut the outermost vamp with art knife.The rear sections of those shoes are a compression-like neoprene material that suck your feet into the shoe and it feels great.I like this model which I played in used patent leather, it is a bit more stiff and supportive

Cutting the boots,we can see the details clearly .The vamp embedded with flykyrie  enhance and support wrapping .With the Super.Fly 2017, we continue one of the core tenants of Jordan design: A smooth toe piece. Additionally, the script on the medial ankle reminds of our legacy in Flight,” notes Creech. Toe heel is composed of viscose reinforcement, sponge fillers and TPU assembly.


Subsequent dismantling process is still using the knife to cut , we can see more details 

The  sponge is great .

A smooth toe piece which unitized the bounce material  .that  is the best reason that I loved .It did its job well.i can feel great when I player longer .Comfort and response are also key characteristics .that s it is .


Heel TPU which plastic sheet material , and it is look relatively thin.

However, I do love how the cushion was implemented full-length because it makes me feel great ,Whether it’s a spin move, crossover or jump stop.A shank plate between the Nike React foam and the outsole adds rigidity and manages torque.

In order to see its true face, the use of hand saws will do the demolitions in the bottom of the vertical cut in half.

Red painted black should be part of the React,the black parts  is  Phylon material, rubber outsole is red and white color parts.  The midsole is embedded with a small piece of TPU (black part on the picture) to increase the torsional resistance of the shoe.

React uses a thin thick full-length ,compare with the HD14,the entire React region will be stiff then  Lunar .However ,the 17 rebound effect in general. In fact,The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 ‘s feedback is generally not enough to provide adequate resilience  which to help start and jump force , but because it is larger than the material density is greater than Lunar, life may be extended.

Overall , The Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is so close to being perfect.Comfort and response are also key characteristics of the form-fitting, one-piece upper. Allowing for a natural fit, regardless of lace tightness, this method of construction supports multiple athlete preferences and harnesses explosiveness.

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Air Jordan Melo M13 Performance Review

 Introducing the Jordan Melo M13. Carmelo Anthony is Jordan Brand’s longest-tenured signature athlete as he remained loyal to the Jumpman insignia since entering the league in 2003-04. We’ve seen plenty of awesome PEs gifted to Melo during his time as a Denver Nugget and even the occasional blue and orange gift to match his Knicks uniform.

The Melo line was long thought of as the “luxury” sig, right below the Jordan model as far as materials and technology.

Now we get it .

For the traction : We  can see from the picture , it is seems not very well . The pattern only has lines that run across, and nothing breaking up the pattern to give the shoe something to hold on to when playing laterally.

And the grooves are shallow and the rubber is not extremely hard or durable. That is the reason that most people don’t like it .

For Material :The Melo M13 uses a mesh upper with Kurim overlays around the lateral side and heel, and the mesh feels great on-foot. Soft and flexible.Whoever you are a students , NBA player , or enthusiast will like it .The mesh of material improve the ventilation

For cushioning : The forefoot is cushioned well and responsive with the Zoom pushing your foot back on compression. The nubs on the bottom give a weird sensation when added to the mix.

For the designer :It looks like the Jumpman is being as experimental as possible with the Jordan Melo M13 though, as an aggressively sleek design features diamond-like textures throughout what we can imagine is a synthetic Kurim construction.

Overall, I think it is one of the best Melo’s ever. That traction, though. Can’t do it.

The nice cushioning and the great supporting . also the size is true .

It is worth to buy .

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Air Jordan Hydro Slides Sandals Performance Review

Summer is coming , which the hottest in the year , so most of people will chose the slipper. Not only the current brands , but also the sports brand ,such as NiKE , the slipper is the popular in the summer .

Here are some details as below:

AIR JORDAN Hydro Sandals

Jordan Brand also had a big announcement this summer , in the form of letting everyone know that the AIR JORDAN Hydro

Jordan brand slide was inspired by most of Jordan shoes , most of colorway of slide are the same as Jordan shoes , such as OVO x Jordan 12 . The OVO x Air Jordan Hydro Slide features the same color scheme as next weekend’s biggest drop as a White and Gold makeup takes care of the entire slide

But today we are talking the AIR JORDAN Hydro 9 slides .

For me , I like this one very much .

The similar design of Air Jordan 9 with the logo of jump man .


The Jumpman also announced that that exact pair featuring of Nike .

The cushioning of slides is exactly the silica gel ,which can message for feet . But I feel not very comfortable when I first wear . when I wear longer , my feet feel massage from the special material.

Overall , AIR JORDAN Hydro slides are popular shoes .

The slides have more advantages such as popular design, durable  and comfortable material. The size is true .

Workmanship: the workmanship is great .

Design: Popular and fashion design.

But there are some disadvantages as below:

1,It is not touch in the water .If stay in the water for a long time , it will be split .

2,The glue is obviously. I don’t like the glue .

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Air Jordan 13 Low ‘Pure Money’ and ‘Chicago’ Performance Reviews


Jordan Brand will be bringing back the Air Jordan 13 OG Chicago in February 18,2017. So luck that I got one .This Air Jordan 13 a White tumbled upper that runs up the tongue. The colorway is more lively .

However ,It is a hot sneaker world in the summer .Yes , the pastel shades and all-white uppers are being taken off ice and getting some heavy use in the weekly rotation. As “Pure Money” is releasing . there are a lot of people are attractive .

II have not any hesitation for it when it is releasing . so lucky that  I got it .

Here we go .

The heel of the small silver logo, I do not see a cat’s eye as usually , but also quite special

Jordan Brand is going all out with the white-on-white look. Not only are we getting a proper retro of one of the cleanest Air Jordan 4 colorways of all time with the “Pure Money” aesthetic, but that look is also being translated over to the Air Jordan 7 and the Air Jordan 13 Low.

The soles have green cat eyes, black carbon plates, and all large white claws panther for the bottom

Compare with OG Chicago , Chicago is black with red claws panther for the bottom

and the midsole , they are different colorway match.

The most important is the material of two pairs of shoes
the toe cortex is not the same compare with shoes , OG Chicago’s materail is great than Pure money . Chicago version can clearly see the first layer of leather toe cap which red and white coarse particles, while the pure money use the material of first layer of skin which more smooth, hard. It is easy to fold .


Then we checking the tongue of shoes

There are more pictures as below :

‘Chicago ‘ which Red  accents surround the ankle hologram as well as finding its way down to the midsole. Finishing off the look are Black details on the outsole, and adds minimal detail on the branded tongue as well.

So which colorway do you like ?


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The Jordan Super fly 1 Performance review

This pair of the Jordan Super Fly is set to release in late July. It is witness my high school life which playing with my friends .I remember that the happiness in the court after class end .

Here are some review and score as below ;

1.Appearance : 8 scores

Actually it is follow the sneakers fashion , I have to say I love the design of side and the logo of the heel . But somebody maybe not . The forefoot will be large  after playing  for a while for me . Continue reading The Jordan Super fly 1 Performance review

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The last century, “the devil” –Air Jordan 11 72 10


In the 1995-1996 season, Michael Jordan led the Chicago bulls made NBA history best 72 – 10 record, winning 87.8%.

The bull unstoppable, they have iron triangle which enemy feared : Jordan, Scott – Pippin and Rodman, a strong defensive offensive team, the Bulls also suffocating Jordan, Pippin and Rodman are the team of  NBA defensive which from the same team of three players at the same time select the best defensive player in the league history Continue reading The last century, “the devil” –Air Jordan 11 72 10