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Jordan Legacy 312,Which Shoes Will Be Don C Like Best ?


The Jordan Legacy 312 has a new color of shoes, with Michael Jordan winning the Rookie of the Year, And  Jordan Legacy 312 “Rookie Of The Year” color scheme inspired by the brown shirt worn at the time of the award is now available. The shoes are mainly white, brown and black, and are decorated with red accents in the details. Not only is it highly recognizable, but it is also very suitable for this season.


Originally introduced in conjunction with Don C of Just Don fame, the 312 usually calls upon classic Nike releases forcolorway/material inspiration — but now it’s dropped in a colorway seemingly inspired by the upcoming “Rookie Of The Year” AJ1s.


The principal of Just Don, whose name is Don Crawley, grew up in Chicago. I  have already thought of  “flying man” Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. That’s right, who will not love the Bulls? This naturally includes Don C, and this sentiment is also in the process of connecting Don C with Michael Jordan, laying the foundation for the relationship between the two sides. Whether it’s growing up in Chicago or playing for Chicago, Chicago’s area code is this “312”, so the shoes also use this set of numbers.



From the appearance of the shoes, it mainly pays tribute to three shoes, namely Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Nike Air Alpha Force Low.



The Air Jordan 3 is Michael Jordan’s third signature basketball shoe which released in 1988 in four colorways of white, black, red, and blue. It was the first Air Jordan to feature visible Air, elephant print, and the Jumpman logo.The elements of Air Jordan 3 occupy a lot of space in the shoes, which is also related to Don C’s personal preferences and cognition, but this is nothing wrong. After all, Air Jordan 3 is a pair of shoes that have changed the fate of today’s Air Jordan series. The shoe was Tinker Hatfield’s first design for MJ and it remains as one of the most sought after basketball sneakers to date. The original “Black/Cement” colorway releases in celebration of the shoe’s 30th Anniversary in February 2018



For Don C, the meaning of this pair of shoes is the cornerstone of the entire Jordan Brand today, so the explosion elements in the midsole, heel and side of the shoe are derived from this.


One of the most beloved Air Jordan 1 colorways ever, the “Chicago” AJ1s have won the hearts of sneakerheads the world over with their simple and clean construction and rich back story. Also other styles  also have been popular in near future.Air Jordan 1 is an eternal existence for the majority of sneaker lovers. It is an immortal classic and the beginning of the whole series. Its appearance has not only promoted the development of basketball shoes, but also spread to among the more sports such as BMX and skateboards, it is also the representative of the sneaker culture and the trend culture, so it is still popular till now.Since last releasing in 2015, they’ve skyrocketed in value — and prestige — and now they’re set to return later this year, in an alternate iteration complete with many new embellishments. A translucent icy blue sole replaces the standard red version, and the upper’s red leather features what appears to be a reptile-style print.


On January 3, 1988, Jordan wore the shoes and scored 28 points. And in this point of design, Don C considers that it is not desirable to follow the onventional shoes, but to break the routine and bring something different.


Jordan Brand has brought a lot of combination shoes, but so far, apart from Jordan Spiz’ike, there are not many styles that are favored by everyone, so the shoes also added a tribute theme in color matching.


The Jordan Legacy 312 “Nike Pack” series is also a great effort in color theme.The Fluorescent green version, tribute to the Nike Air Command Force OG. These shoes have also left a classic color in the history of Nike. It is an outstanding representative of the height of the upper to enhance the protection, because it has an extraordinary height of the upper, at the same time, the upper is also equipped with a pump design called Air Pump, which is better by inflation. Ankle fit and comfort.



This pair of shoes is endorsed by David Robinson, the nickname of the famous player in history. One of the most classic or familiar first-year color schemes is this fluorescent green color. So, when you see the Jordan Legacy 312, which also has a towering upper, you will feel the shadow of some Nike Air Command Force OG



Brown  color  was the loved by a lot of people in this season, and the brown Jordan Legacy 312 was  tribute to the Nike Trainer 3. This series also has a great spokesperson, Bo Jackson, who can play for both NFL and MLB professional leagues and achieve extraordinary achievements. The Nike Air Trainer has been most popular .




Tech Challenge 2’s Hot Lava color scheme. The Air Tech Challenge 2 is a pair of tennis shoes, endorsed by the most famous tennis player Andre Agassi, which is accompanied by Agassi on the tennis court.

The use of this color scheme by the jordan Legacy 312 has become one of the most popular color combinations in this series, showing the charm of color.

“Attention” is probably a temperament of the Jordan Legacy 312, which is inseparable from the brand Just Don and the founder Don C.

Don C and Kanye West and Virgil Abloh are friends. I believe that you will see these two people will speak straight,  they are a group of people, it is no wonder that the shoes will be the same situation. But it’s not exactly the same. Don C used to be the performance DJ of Kanye West. It is because of these experiences that the brand Just Don, which was founded in 2011, is full of luxury.

On the body of the Jordan Legacy 312, the “Nike Pack” series with the “JUST DON” logo is still on the tongue. The price from the offer price to the market price is much lower than before. For this, in addition to market recognition and volume. In addition to the factors, in the heart of Don C, the Jordan Legacy 312 launched this time, the goal is to bring more energy to the city of Chicago.

Jordan Legacy 312 has arrived as scheduled. From the current release plan, the Jordan Legacy 312 will launch a new color scheme based on the classic colors of the NBA Knicks, Lakers and Pistons. As the color of the shoes is increased, we are getting closer and closer to the shoes. If you want to judge a person, a concept and a pair of shoes.