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Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low GS Performance Review

Hyperdunk 2017 Low GS—Nike’s best-known technology, was introduced back in 1987 as new tech in the sneaker world and it had been cushioning sneakers with since the late ’70s. Zoom Air, a lower-profile and more responsive take on Air, made its debut in 1995. and the nice colorway .

Today we are talking about it .

For this one , it is  roughly 30-, 20-, and 10-year-old​ cushionings can be found on the majority of Nike’s performance footwear today.and it has been performance well  .They’ve all gone through multiple iterations and tweaks, but the underlying concepts have remained the same.The most design of this shoes is the shoes utilized the  Lunar instead of React .

In fact,  Nike Basketball will be more concerned about “the sense of foot needs of  adolescence” (GS full name GRADE SCHOOL), The size generally covers from 35.5 to 42.5 . And in order to ensure the normal needs of young people, the  cushioning of shoes ‘ configuration  will be greater .

For the cushioning : it is used the  Lunar for this one  .Since those early days the Lunar has grown and developed to encompass different footwear categories including boots, comfort lines and even funky wellingtons, meaning that each season the team now has the task of creating over 300 new designs. and the Nike just grab this material to improve the production line . I’d put it somewhere between fresh Lunar and Lunar that’s died out. And those are all far behind Zoom and Flight Plate-augmented Zoom.   A lot of  people especial for the younger , this is material is great for them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as these technologies each have their fans.

For the traction : it is utilized the great rubber that it performance well . I found the traction to be most important . The pressure map-inspired pattern allows for solid footing regardless of the direction of you cut. The sculpted outsole also provides for a fantastic court feel, despite the shoe’s bulky midsole.And the bottom line will improve the grip.

For material :  it used the Flyknit material that shoes low  construction. They are typically hard to get on, stretch out too fast, and don’t offer enough dynamics in terms of lockdown.  however the venation  is nicely . I  found the upper to be very stable. And between the flat laces and subtle padding over the top of the foot, I didn’t experience the lace pressure issues that typically plague shoes with this construction.this is shoes with thin upper and lighter Lonarlon midsole material, so you  can not imagine how light the quality of these shoes.  and if your like lightweight shoes, this pair should be a good one . it reinforces the mesh upper and provides greater durability. On the other hand, it limits the amount of airflow that mesh traditionally brings.

Overall , Hyperdunk 2017 Low GS beast on great court feeling with the Traction, materials, fit, and support are all standout features. Dont miss it .