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Converse All Star Pro BB Performance Review

All Star Pro BB low
Tester’s Info.:
Weight: 79kG
Size: 10.5 (wide foot)
Court: Indoor court
All Star pro bb has released the high type and low type. The appearance is retro. I chose the low type.

Appearance:10 scores

All Star pro bb low is similar to Kobe 11. The white, red and blue colorway looks more retro. It is mainly knitted vamp. The air permeability is good. The appearance looks great, I love it.

Fitness: 9 scores

I normally choose size US10.5. The size US10.5 of this model is also suitable for me. It fits my foot very well. And it has a strip of sponge in the inner side of shoe tongue.

Although it’s low version, it has the sponge padding on both sides of ankle part. As I don’t make big movement, so the protection is enough for me.
After fastening the shoelaces, it can fit my foot very well. As a pair of low type shoes, the fitness is good.

Anti-rollover Performance & Supporting Performance: 7 scores
Although the shoe head is wide, and it has extension design on the outsole, but the anti-rollover performance is not good enough. The vamp is mainly made of thin knit, so the supporting performance is not good. It’s better not make big movements.

Cushion Performance & Traction Performance: 9 scores

All Star Pro BB low uses NIKE React cushion technology insole. For my weight, the feedback of React is good.

The outsole is crystal sole. I haven’t slipped on indoor court. If the outsole is adhered with dusts, it maybe easy to slip. As you know, the durability of crystal sole is not good.

Overall: 9 scores
As the first pair of basketball shoes that Converse returned to basketball shoes’ market, it’s mainly for nostalgia like Puma. The retro shape attracts me at the first sight. If you don’t play high-strength basketball games, the cushion performance of React technology is enough for you. As the durability of crystal outsole is not good, it’s more suitable for daily dressing.