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Asics Nova Surge Performance Review

Today we want to talk about Asics Nova Surge.

Size: US9=EUR42.5 (it’s a little bigger, we suggest you to purchase half size smaller)

Unit Weight: 489g

It’s the most expensive basketball shoes of Asics in 2020. Many guys doubt, why is it so expensive?

The shoebox is normal Asics shoebox, not special.

Asics Nova Surge followed the BLAZE NOVA series. The first feeling when taking it on hand is heavy.

But the appearance of Asics Nova Surge looks better than Gel Hoop and Gel Brust.

The main material of vamp is ventilated mesh fabric. And it has hot pressed reinforcement on the shoe head and the part around shoe laces buckle.

The shoe tongue is separated with the vamp. Both sides of vamp is stiff material.

Due to the separated shoe tongue, Asics Nova Surge is suitable for most of people, as it’s easy to put on and take off.

Asics Nova Surge has 7 couples of shoe laces buckles. After fastening the shoe laces, the shoes can fit the foot very well.

The foam padding on shoe heel is also thick.

The shoe heel shape is similar to Nike high type basketball shoes, such as Hyperdunk. It can lock the shoe heel very well.

And there is a piece of stiff external TPU which reinforce the supporting performance of shoe heel. It’s also printed with Asics logo. Asics Nova Surge uses full-length FLYTEFOAM and GEL cushion on the rear sole.

FLYTEFOAM cushion is used for most of Asics basketball shoes. Many guys are familiar with it. The forefoot sole is thin for quick start and the rear sole is thicker for improving the cushion performance.

Meanwhile, the whole insole is upturning to the vamp which improve the stability and anti-torsion performance

The GEL cushion on the insole is visible. I wonder if this piece of GEL is only the exposed layer, or it also used in the inside of insole. We look forward to deconstructed it.

And there is a piece of foaming material on the inner side, but not FLYTEFOAM material. The material of rear insole is good.

The outsole still uses non-trace rubber material. The forefoot sole is crisscrossed grain, and the rear sole is radial type grain. The grain is not deep, so it should be more suitable for playing basketball on indoor court.

We can see that it has an upturning design on the outsole, especially the side of forefoot sole. And it has an extending part which improve the anti-torsion performance.

It also has a piece of stiff material under the middle of outsole to offer the support to midsole and increase the stiffness and anti-torsion performance.

Overall, the appearance of Asics Nova Surge is similar to Nike Hyper posite. The material and workmanship of Asics Nova Surge is good. We’ll test it and share the more specific performance review to you to see if it’s worthy to purchase.