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Closed Look and Unboxing: ASICS GELHOOP V11

Hi, guys, before starting, I want to ask you a question: who is your torchbearer of basketball? Your friend? Your elder? some basketball stars? Or… the carton ‘Slamdunk’?

I think most of guys like to play basketball after watching ‘Slamdunk’.

So what’s the relation of Slamdunk to ASICS Gelhoop V11?

Today, let’s have a closed look at ASICS Gelhoop V11.

Size: US8=EUR41.5

Unit Weight: 320g

Size: Normal

ASICS Gelhoop V11 is the most popular and classic one on the 3 models of ASICS. And I also expected it.

In ‘Slamdunk’, you maybe familiar with the AJ that Rukawa Kaede and Sakuragi Hanamichi wore. But the ASICS basketball shoes that Mitsui wore is also classic.

After getting ASICS Gelhoop V11, it looks like a pair of shoes from the comics.

The shoebox doesn’t look like basketball shoes’ shoebox, but like for casual shoes. It doesn’t have extra design, except the big blue logo on the navy-blue shoebox.

We have two colorways now, one is white with red, and another one is black with gold. But I prefer to the white with red one.

The first feeling when holding ASICS Gelhoop V11 is light. The unit weight of size US8 is only 320g. If you like light weight shoes, it will get your attention.

Although it’s light, but it doesn’t means that it doesn’t have good configuration. We can see many details.

The shoe head is a piece of leather. It looks like the leather of ZOOM Kobe 4’s forefoot. And it also has a big piece of thermoplastic stiff design on the lateral half-sole.

Most of vamp is made of mesh fabric. If you look it clearly, there are several layers of material that are overlay. The inner material is good, so the air permeability and protection performance are qualified.

ASICS Gelhoop V11 uses half-sole inner sleeve design. The shoe tongue is thick and soft. And it also has ventilated design on the shoe tongue.

The brightest part of the vamp is the red logo design. The stiff material also has some supporting performance to the vamp.

There is a red stiff plastic on the shoe heel which is embossed with GELHOOP. And the semi-rounding design also has the supporting performance.

The built-in counter is thick and stiff. The height is high. And it also has a white surrounding TPU on the outside. It’s two-double reinforcement.

I’m not familiar with the Asics technology. I check it on the official website. ASICS Gelhoop V11 use GEL cushion, Flytefoam insole and Spevafoam cushion. The Flytefoam insole should be the shoe-pad. As it’s written the words Flytefoam. The Spevafoam cushion should be the blue part under shoe-pad.

And we can see that the sole has the ventilated design. And the ventilated holes are nonopaque.

The grain of outsole still uses most of the Asics basketball shoes’ design. The grain is several discs and line interlaced rubber outsole. I expected its traction performance.

We can also see the stiff supporting design on the midsole. It has good rigidity. The arch part won’t deform when bending it.

There is also a round anti-rollover design on the outside of forefoot. But it’s not big.

From ASICS Gelhoop V11, we can see the consistent characteristic of Asics series, that is, stable. It doesn’t mean that the shoes is stable, but the performance is stable. We will also introduce Asics Gelburst and Nova Glide soon. See you next time.

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Asics Gelhoop V11 Performance Review

Asics released the basketball shoes Gelhoop V11 recently. The most classic Asics basketball shoes are Gelhoop and Gelburst series. I want to share my performance review of Asics Gelhoop V11 today.


  1. Nice Cushion Performance

Although it’s still called Gel, but from the official website, we can see that V11 should haven’t used GEL cushion technology, but use Flytefoam insole and Spevafoam cushion.

I guess that the shoe-pad should be Flytefoam. The cushion performance of Flytefoam is just so so, it’s a little stiff. After taking off the shoe-pad, we can see the blue part, I think that should be Spevafoam. It’s soft and elastic, but it’s not thick.

As Gelhoop is mid-range model, so the cushion performance won’t be better than Gelburst. But it’s enough. I can feel it, but it’s not very soft and elastic. The starting speed is fast, so I like its cushion.

  1. Good Traction Performance

The outsole of Asics Gelhoop V11 adopts most of the design of Asics basketball shoes. It’s the rubber sole with many disc and lines grain. The traction performance in inner floor is good. And Gelhoop V11 don’t have big harsh noise with touching the ground.

BTW, after raining and the moisture rising in the inner court, the traction performance of Gelhoop V11 will get better. Although it’s white sole, but it’s not very easy to absorb dust.

  1. Good fit and support

Gelhoop V11 is very comfortable. The inner side of Gelhoop V11 is soft. The lining is mainly distributed around the ankle and above shoe tongue. So it can fit the foot well and comfortable.

▼The Vamp material is light

▼The inner padding of shoe tongue is very comfortable

The outer vamp is hot-melting material and mesh, and part of shoe head is made of artificial leather. The weight is also very light, but supporting performance is not bad. The vamp can also fit the foot very well.

▼Part of shoe head is made of artificial leather.

▼It uses several materials

For anti-torsion performance, the outsole of Gelhoop V11 has cambered broad design. The TPU of shoe heel is also extended to rear sole. The stability is good, but anti-torsion performance is not perfect. I think that the weight is too light, so the strength is not very strong.

▼Anti-torsion performance is good

▼The TPU plate of shoe heel is extended to rear sole


The overall performance of Gelhoop V11 is good, but not perfect

Although Gelhoop V11 don’t have big disadvantages, each part has good performance, but all are not good enough.

But I like the retro type appearance. Although the cushion technology has been updated, but it doesn’t have obvious improvement.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5 Scores

Shoe Tree: Normal

Size:  A little smaller than normal size.

The overall performance Gelhoop V11 is good. You don’t need to worry about it too much. But it also doesn’t have big advantages.

It’s very comfortable. The cushion performance is not perfect. The traction performance is stable. It can satisfy the request of most of peoples.