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Asics Gel Kayano 23 Performance review

Speak of Asics , we have to talk about the series of Kayano . Since the Kayano become more and more popular in the world .After advertising a lot ,it is popular till to the 23 generation of products, which proved its unparalleled status. If Asics is the king of running shoes, then the Kayano series is the shining crown in the king .

Since release from last year ,people talk a lot ,so we will see it today .


Appearance :

It is still have the style of Asics , compare with last version,we can see the midsold and vamp have arrange ,which look very great .

Kayano 23 focus on the colorway this time , besides two version Lite show , there are more and more colorway aviable . It has been  called the highest face score in the historical .because of the design of shoes and more colorway. So one of friend said he bought one pair of beautiful and professional running shoes .I bought a pair of brown with fluorescent yellow ,which  a calm atmosphere with men show .


Vamp followed the last generation of FluidFit technology, this technology used in Kayano 23 seems more holistic , thin and soft . It will make people feel more comfortable , actually the inner layer of foam will make more comfortable when playing . In addition, it is very permeability when running . As we we know , we like the comfortable shoes with more permeability and professional shoes in running , especial in summer ,the temperature is higher . In the early summer, the temperature is over 20 degrees centigrade outside . We need it urgent . However when we wear it ,we feel it very comfortable ,seems can feel wind when running .Although Asics used this technology as early as the Kayano 20 era, but  the FluidFit tech on Kayano 23 was the final success.

The hard backing and heel of the shoelace form a completely wrapped rubber material, so that the vamp of the Kayano 23 can always firmly control the feet. As a stability running shoes, the vamp support can be described as the acme of perfection.


The biggest change in material is used FlyteFoam , this  technology wasused in the Gel-MetaRun  originally ,which popular in that time .it is also set off a wave of panic buying. According to Asics’s official presentation, FlyteFoam material is lighter than regular EVA material, up to 55% ,while cushioning performance is 76% after testing .

The feedback of this new material is great which  the start to the end of the process, we can feel the cushioning performance very well .It really did its work .there is not have any longer hesitate when we running . Especial every step when we fall down  and start .

It is almost the standard Dynamic DuoMax support system with hard TPU combination, so that supporting is very strong. Surprisingly, as a normal runner,I am not feel not comfortable in running with Kayano 23 .In the past, such a strong support design will be very suitable for people who are professional , now, even if the normal people also can playing it when running


The durability of running shoes has always been a top question to runners, the outsole of Kayano 23 also service two different rubber, one is better wear resistance AHAR + material, the other is the front palm used Bubble AHAR composite material. The lifelong time of  Kayano 23 should be further extended in the case of thickening the amount of rubber on the inside of the forefoot and heel. In terms of grip, the Kayano 23’s non-slip and grip performance on cement are quite good, It can be said if wear Kayano 23,then the outsole will be safely after road friction.

Overall,the Flytefoam system really makes the shoe shine and gets me excited for it to be introduced in the other lines of ASICS that I like to run in.The seamless upper material is great, but it seemed to sacrifice room in the toe box because of this. It also ran somewhat on the narrow side fit wise.