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Asics Gel Hoop V12 Performance Review

Today we want to share the performance review of Asics Gel Hoop V12.

Size: US9 EUR42.5

Unit Weight:328.4g

Size: Standard size

Many shoe fans should be unfamiliar with the Asics basketball shoes. One of my expected shoes in 2020 should be this pair of Asics Gel Hoop V12.

I purchased the classic white and red colorway, and my friend Joel chose the white and blue one. Which colorway do you prefer to?

It’s middle type upper.

The forefoot vamp uses microfiber, and it has a lot of ventilated holes. And it has a extra reinforcement on the shoe head.

It uses big area of pattern mesh fabric which is thin and ventilated. But it’s not only one layer, it also has a layer of mesh inside

But comparing with Gel Hoop V11, the vamp of Gel Hoop V12 is reduced one layer to be more ventilated.

Meanwhile, the Asics logo TPU can offer a better supporting performance to vamp.

The inner side of vamp has one more layer of special material to reinforce. But the inner side Asics logo is hot-melting, not TPU.

It uses half inner sleeve design with 7 couples of shoelaces holes.

For the shoe heel, I think that the upper of Gel Hoop V12 is higher than Gel Hoop V11. The padding on ankle part is thicker. And it has a piece of built-in counter and red TPU on the outer side, so the fitness of shoe heel is good.

Insole: Gel Hoop V12 still uses FlyteFoam technology, the same as Gel Hoop V11. The forefoot insole is thin, and the rear insole is thick which is for improving the cushion performance.

The hollow-out anti-torsion structure of midsole is quite stable. After bending, we can see that the arch position hasn’t deformed.

The outsole grain of Gel Hoop V12 is the same as Gel Hoop V11. It’s radial round grains with line interlaced grains, the traction performance is excellent.

The material of outsole is traceless rubber which is very suitable to play basketball on wood floor.

It also has an anti-rollover design on the outside of forefoot. The outsole is upturning design, which improve the anti-rollover performance.

But if the outsole of forefoot is widened, I think the anti-rollover performance of Gel Hoop V12 will be perfect.

Finally, I think the most favorited part should be the unit weight. The unit weight of size EUR42.5 is not more than 330g. It controls the weight very well.

Actually, Gel Hoop V12 hasn’t changed a lot comparing with Gel Hoop V11. It’s only improved based on Gel Hoop V11. If you don’t have Gel Hoop V11, you can try Gel Hoop V12.