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Asics Blaze Nova Performance Review

Overall Length:about 29cm
The width part of forefoot sole: about 11cm
The width part of rear sole: about 8.5cm
The thickest part of forefoot sole: about 1.5cm

The thickest part of rear sole: about 3cm
The height of sole:about 17cm

Anti-torsion plate: Yes, but it should be not anti-torsion plate, it’s just anti-torsion material

Anti-rollover design: Yes

Cushion Technology: full-length SpevaFoam

Tester’s info.:

Height/Weight: 175cm/85kg

Testing field: outdoor Epoxy court

Testing time: about 8 hours

When it comes to Asics’s basketball shoes, most of people think of the models that Mitsui and Zeki wearing in Slamdunk. The present Asics basketball shoes is still the traditional design.

Today, we want to talk about the Asics Blaze Nova which is different with other Asics basketball shoes.
So what about its performance?

Appearance: 7 scores

The appearance is different with previous traditional design, it’s all socks type design. It’s not special.

Fitness: 10 scores

Asics Blaze Nova is socks design. The material is thick and it doesn’t have elasticity. It likes the material of ankle guard. It can protect my feet very well.

Supporting Performance: 5 scores

The outer layer of vamp is made of double layers of mesh fabric. The mesh is big. And it has thick glue to improve the protection on the shoe head. The air permeability is good. It has a layer of thin glue to improve the protection but also keep the flexibility.

Protection:4 scores

As it’s low type shoes, so both sides of the ankle part don’t have thick lining. But the front and rear ankle part has thick padding to reinforce.

Feedback: 7 scores

Asics Blaze Nova has full-length SpevaFoam insole. It’s a stiff in the beginning. Although it doesn’t have obvious resilience, but it’s fast to start.

Cushion Performance: 7 scores

The cushion performance is just qualified, not excellent.

Traction Performance: 10 scores

The outsole is check grain. And it has different depth grain design. It can grip the ground very well.

Abrasive Resistance: 8 scores

About testing about 8 hours, it doesn’t have obvious abrasion. It uses stiff rubber, the abrasive resistance should be good.

Anti-rollover performance: 5 scores

Although the anti-rollover design is not obvious, but the anti-rollover performance is excellent. That’s due to below reasons:

  1. The center of gravity is low. The thickness of forefoot sole is about 1.5cm and the height of rear sole is about 3cm.
  2. The insole material is stiff, so it can offer good stability
  3. It has anti-rollover design on the outboard of shoes

Anti-torsion Performance: 5 scores

It has arch anti-torsion plate on the arch. And it also has upturning design on the outboard of vamp. The overall anti-torsion performance is good, but not excellent.

Overall:88 scores

I think that Asics Blaze Nova only has a disadvantage, that is, it’s a little hard to put on and take off. It’s hard to put on if wearing thick sock.

The overall performance is good. It’s worthy to have a try