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ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 Performance Review

My first feeling of the new released ALTRA Olmpus 4.0 is soft, comfortable and stable.



The colorway of ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 that we test is black. It looks cool. And it also has a red colorway. The outsole is wide.

Cushion Performance

ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is soft and elastic. With Abound, the cushion performance is excellent. It can offer great feedback. The material of insole is soft to guarantee the light weight and comfortable level.

Supporting Performance:

It has reinforcement on the shoe head of ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 to guarantee the stability. The shoe heel has the design to fit the heelpiece. The insole uses inner Flex groove system which offer good anti-torsion performance. The supporting performance and cushion performance is the standard of good shoes. The stability is good, and it can offer durable boosting force.


The traction performance of ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is great. The outsole is made of Vibram which has good abrasive resistance. After running several times, we haven’t found the abrasion on the outsole.

The shoe-pad is thick and the air permeability is also good.

The workmanship is good. The lining of shoe heel is thick and comfortable.

As it’s a pair of cross-country shoes, it’s heavier than racing shoes. But it’s stable when running. The cushion performance and supporting performance is good.

When running on the macadam road, you can feel the excellent cushion and supporting performance of Altra cross-country shoes. The wide outsole and excellent cushion performance increase the stability. It fits the foot very well. The skid resistance of outsole is also great.

ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 is soft, comfortable and stable. The insole has excellent cushion performance. The vamp has good air permeability, and it’s soft. The shoe tree is wide, it’s comfortable when running. The stability is excellent. The shoe heel has enough padding, it fits the feet very well. The outsole is suitable to run on kinds of road conditions.

ALTRA OLYMPUS 4.0 has excellent supporting performance and cushion performance, it increases the stability. It’s worthy to purchase.