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Air Jordan Why Not 1 Performance Review

Russell Westbrook has been Jordan Brand’s premier athlete for years now and it has left fans wondering when he would be honored with his first signature shoe.

So today we are talking about the Why not 1

The Why Not Zer0.1 emulates Westbrook’s competitive attitude on the court, his tendency to run at a challenge head first rather than shying away from it. Serving a dual purpose, the upcoming silhouette fits the reigning MVP’s drastic demands on the court while suiting his eccentric personal style off the court. Always playing on his toes, Westbrook needs added stability to his sole unit in order to minimize response when he makes one of his quick twitch drives to the basket he has become famous for. In order to come up with the perfect fit, Westbrook worked closely with Jordan Brand’s design team and Thunder equipment manager, Wilson Taylor, going through multiple rounds of wear-testing to get it exactly right.

For the traction :Traction on this  colorway was so good that I can only imagine how much better the traction might bite the floor with solid rubber. Jordan brand took the Nike micro traction idea and ran with it to turn the outsole into a super micro traction set up. The rubber has just the right amount of pliability and just brushes dirt away.

I’m a big fan of this micro pattern because it allows each little blade to act like a brush by flexing and pushing dirt away.

Initially though, I wasn’t that impressed with the traction because it just didn’t have a lot of bite but over time, it started grabbing the floor better. Thanks to the micro blades, the shoe required very minimal wiping. Even on the worst floor I play on, I never slipped which is what you want out of traction. Left, right, front, back, it was just stop and go with almost no wiping. I’m undecided if this is top tier but I’m really leaning that way today.




For the cushioning :

The Why Not Zer0.1 uses full-length Zoom Air bottom-loaded into a bulky Phylon midsole. Believe it or not, this setup felt awesome — especially in the forefoot.The midsole that rests between the bottom of your foot and the top of the Zoom unit is very thin.

The Zoom is bottom loaded and under a decent chunk of Phlyon. If you’re expecting that Zoom BB or AJ 31 feeling you’ll be disappointed because the Zoom isn’t protruding like the AJXXX1 so there is no mechanism to push the Zoom upwards into your foot.And he Zoom isn’t top loaded or using a cloth strobel like the Zoom BB.But just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it isn’t there or working. But boy would these be a lot more fun if they felt Zoomier underfoot.

we can see the data for the midsole , it is comfortable 

For the material : The materials you see here are like a fuse but feel more like a vinyl. the Why Not and it works fine especially with the additional strength the shroud gives the upper. It’s really what you’d expect on a shoe this price.This allowed the materials to flex and move beautifully with the foot while still retaining strength and durability that you typically receive from TPU builds.

There is the jordan logo on the upper.

For the supporting ;The design of the midsole, outsole, and the fit all play into the support nicely. The wide flat base promotes a ton of stability, while the bulky midsole acts as one of the gnarliest outriggers of all-time.

This heel counter also moves into the middle of the midsole and helps stabilize it — so much so that it’s hard as hell to twist the midsole or fold it in half. I say this because the shoe doesn’t feature a shank, something I was concerned with until I played in it.

Stability is fantastic because the shoe is extra wide and feels almost like your playing in a waffle iron. Both the Dame 4 and Whynot feature wide outsoles for stability.

It sits ultra flat and low to the ground thanks to the cushioning set up and it isn’t overly mushy like some foams can get. Just a quick, stable, and safe feeling set up.

Personally, I really like playing in this shoe but I don’t love it even though it fit my very game very well. I found the cushioning a bit of a snoozer compared to other cushioning set ups and the shoe itself felt more shoeish than I prefer. I swapped out the Why Not with the Dame 4 and Curry 2 one night and those two shoes just brought the fun factor back. Even if it’s not the most fun shoe for me, I will say it’s trustworthy and reliable on the court which is all you can ask for sometimes.

Overall , It a fantastic shoe,The Why Not Zero.1 is a very nice start for Westbrook’s signature line from a performance standpoint.I had a tough time trying to pick where these should go since technically it performs well even if it doesn’t get me excited. I’ll put these on the second team for the time being. Great on court but just not something I really want to reach for.