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Air Jordan Super.Fly 5 performance review

After Blake Griffin took his rim-rocking, high-flying antics to Jordan Brand, the Super.Fly basketball silhouette was born.

 Jordan Super. Fly 5 has been released for half a year, the price has dropped from the initial official price of 150 usd , and now only about 110 usd can bought. The shoe has almost always been a good performer , taking the main tech from the signature line and making it more affordable for team options and Blake fans .and the price is decrease .It is a good news for fans , is not it ?

Now we get it .


This shoes use the FUSE  material in vamp ,following the last Super Fly 4 design ,but have a  new concept of embroidery this time . The Looks seems improve because of new idea .

And the colorway is amazing ,with red and blue , seems fire in the feet when playing .

The material is soft and pliable .this material  transitions into a synthetic leather lateral ankle and heel wrap that is more pliable than the forefoot . The eyes deceive because of the forefoot and midfoot use a thick stiff mesh more along the lines of the super fly 3 .

The shoes use a full length inside for protection, with Heel Pod on the heel of the boot, and the TPU stabilizer inside the panel for twisting. The shoes use a full length split sleeve to keep inside soft and cozy , with Heel Pod on the heel of the boot, and the TPU stabilizer inside the panel for twisting. The detail stitching on the mesh is just that -purely for looks with no performance benefits ,but it does break up the look.A fuse layer covers the toebox over the big toe for .

The tongue is super thin and dont wear ankle socks unless you like bleeding .However , it is well padded with good ventilation through the body .But the lace system lets you pull up snug and they are durable.

2.Cushioning :

Most of us will be consider the cushioning . Cushioning setting or Zoom Air  setting  which full palm Phylon foam in the bottom ,all of these are lack lack of prior FlightSpeed or FlightPlate setting . That is the reason why people not satisfied . In fact, if consider Griffin’s different styles of playing, maybe we can get some explanations. Griffin’s tend to be more flexible in last two seasons .his good catching and dribbling makes him more like a defender. He was also pleased with the change. Therefore, the Jordan Super.Fly 5 may suit for him .


Like all of past Super Flys support is a definite strong point , and again , it all ties into the lacing system and fit .there are no special support features and JB even deleted any sort of midfoot shank from the blueprint .However ,the phylon under the midfoot is sculpted under the arch for a little bridge.

The soles are roughly diamond shaped, and it is seems very deep to increase the grip.That is a good design for this shoes .


Overall, Super. Fly 5 in 110 dollars  now absolutely nothing to lose. AJ brand is excellent quality. Although this pair of shoes is insufficient ventilation, but the vamp very fit the foot, protection is  absolutely perfect. Zoom Air and Phylon forefoot cushioning foam in the bottom completely meet our daily needs ..