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Air Jordan 7 Hare Performance reviews

Jordan wore the Air Jordan 7 (VII) Original Hares during the season, which lead to his second NBA Championship. it is a perfect sneakers as so far And  The  Air Jordan 7 Hares received its nickname from a commercial with Bugs Bunny lacing up a pair of Original Jordan VII “Hare”.

Today We are talking about it .

The Hare Jordan 7 features a tongue with a splash of orange and green to nod at Bugs’ cigar-like obsession with carrots while the subtle white and grey upper allows for a Chicago-like True Red to stand out


For the material , Air Jordan 7 utilized the good quality leather to improve the texture feeling for the player .It have a breath hole in the side . that is great if the hot whether .And the colorway is his favorite.

There is a disappointed that the sneakers have  multi folds, scratch more moderate deformation, toe also will be distortion soon if you play longer .

For the traction ,The sole is really a mirror that reflects the way the shoe owner plays. Because if you often breakthrough and stop, you will be feel that the traction is enough to do it .  you dont worry  about the performance .it is great and excellent for the traction . And the bottom line which more improve the grip .


For supporting ,actually the material is a little soft , so the supporting is just so so .Maybe the heel that there are more filler and high top style .So I feel comfortable  even player longer .



There are the stretch that help us to wear .And the 23 logo as the symbol of Jordan .

the tongue is soft and there are also have a logo .JORDAN 

Overall ,the Air Jordan 7 is worth  to buy . the good looking and great cushioning . You never miss it .

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Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

Air Jordan XXX2 is the most heavyweight Sneaker and popular  shoes this year, as the design inspiration by Air Jordan 2 , Jordan Brand  will also be a lot of the latest technology into it.

Air Jordan has been synonymous with “top configuration” shoes, as the highest actual combat basketball shoes on the sneaker world , and  it is integrated into the trend, fashion elements.


How about Air Jordan XXX2 actual performance? are they meet for flying boots consistently high expectations? Compared to the Air Jordan XXX1 that hasn’t gone down the market, does XXX2 have enough reason to buy?

Russell Westbrook with us to test this shoes in Shanghai ,China today .

Inspired by the Air Jordan 2, which follows in the theme of paying tribute to the early days.And as the  two NBA All-Stars signed to Jordan Brand are making sure  that the Air Jordan 32 will fit his playing style on court. For the Russell , it is exactly as his sneaker which performance excellent .Especial the color , it is bright and hot , just like the Russell  who  excellent basketball skills .

For the setting of sneakers , Air Jordan XXX2 can be called top practical basketball shoes in this year .

Air Jordan XXX2 has used Nike’s Flyknit technology which lands on the uppers along with high tenacity yarn which aids in stretch, support and zonal lockdown. And it utilize Flight Speed technology that unleashes energy from the Zoom Air units.Maybe a lot of fans will love it just see the excellent setting .

Actual for the combat basketball shoes , we should not pay too much attention to breathability of  shoes . Because of as for enhanced breathability, the stability, protection and durability of the vamp will be greatly reduced!
Air Jordan XXX2 uses a woven upper, but in order to improve stability and durability, a high-density multi weave has been carried out. Compared to plastic shoes and leather shoes, its  breathability is good!

Good wrapping keeps your feet lock down in sneakers!

The  new knit uppers with thickened sponge heels, the improved uppers design, and then lace system , it is tight package  for your feet , so that we can  feel very secure and protection.

For the traction ,Using herringbone traction pattern, the sole makes sure you have multidirectional grip on the court.And  starting and accelerating bring explosive pulse affection .  Breakthrough is more flexible and easy to manipulate in disguise after commissioning of the Zoom air Air .

Basketball is a excellent  sport which a lot of people are interested . and for everyone, support and stability are important criteria for judging sneaker .
Through some years development of sneakers , Air Jordan XXX2 used the Flight Speed technology which lighter , corrosion resistance, anti torsion support stability of an hand in a velvet glove material, the material is excellent . It is improve the ankle protection and prevent deformation of sneakers .
A Flight speed  with carbon plates, it is similar to the springboard of divers which  provides effective support for the force of basketball by “deformation – rebound”.

Air Jordan XXX2 was inspirited by Air Jordan 2  which is  used Flyknit woven shoes with uppers in the  first time , and joined the design concept of hidden lace stitching, using a variety of different materials in leather uppers. Air Jordan XXX2  is the first middle  with lower hand shoes issued simultaneously!

the lace system is special .

Michael Jordan’s shoe was banned by the NBA. Air Jordan 32 with   the ‘Rosso Corsa’ edition which pays tribute to its roots in Italy. In addition we have ‘Bellissimo’ on the inside of the tongue

“We’ve always explored new materials and technology to create the best game shoe,” said Michael Jordan in a statement. “That was evident when we went to Italy to make the II, and it still rings true today.

overall ,AIR JORDAN 32 will be surprised to us .let us stay tuned it on the website : .


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Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” is way of more classic on Jordan brand than you might expect

Despite having released in 2011, the ‘Bordeaux’ Air Jordan 7 Retro is being remastered and re-released in the Summer of 2015.These should have better materials compare with 2011 version .and the shape has been slightly altered.Another change from the 2011 pair is that this 2015 version has “NIKE AIR” on the insoles, which I’m sure no one will be complaining about. Continue reading Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” is way of more classic on Jordan brand than you might expect

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Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Red White – Best wedding gift

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This one is best wedding gift to my little sister . I bought men one and girl one , yeah , it is couple shoes and amazing beautiful .

All of this shoes is very layering, which are white upper with chemical synthetic materials and flywire and red leather around . A long with a white midsole and clear outsole, which is always an added bonus. It seem simply but beautiful .Whatever the girls  and men like it .

White shoelaces are similar to the modern flying wire lacing system, It has a total of five, the high version of the words are six. air jordan 11 low red  is attached to the upper end of the knot and instead of the current Nike popular dynamic flying wire. In addition, the death of the reinforcement line can enhance the vamp of the package and  improve the upper stretch and support, and do not lose the current dynamic line.

The red leather was the high light of the shoes . It is look very beautiful that and attention by passing by .

The toe and side of shoes utilized the red color which add colorful .

air jordan 11 white red the special design for the logo 23 in the heel .

The girls one utilized the black plastic plate ,clear sole . Girls will be like it .Especial the couple .

Overall , My little sister like it very much . They wear it to the wedding party  , I am very happy that  see my little sister have a happy life and wedding . The jordan 11 witness their happy .



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‘Closing Cermony’ Air Jordan 11 Low Performance Review

Whatever the colorway of Jordan 11 Closing Cermony  , it is will be popular . Such as the white /black , white / blue  and so on . Continue reading ‘Closing Cermony’ Air Jordan 11 Low Performance Review

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Copper Air Jordan 17+ Performance review

The Air Jordan 17+ “Copper” was originally released back in 2002, and now Jordan Brand is set to bring them back this April 2016, along with another Air Jordan 17colorway. Continue reading Copper Air Jordan 17+ Performance review

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Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue Performance Review

$110.00Select options

The Columbia Legend Blue Air Jordan 11 Retro comes back for the first time since 2000/2001.Brad Hall continues to do what he does best as he reviews the Air Jordan XI Retro “Legend Blue.” Bringing his trademark deadpan humor to the obsessive world of sneaker culture. Continue reading Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue Performance Review

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Space Jam Air Jordan 31 performance review

The Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard just released last year for the first time ever and Jordan Brand is already using it as an inspiration for this upcoming colorway of the Air Jordan 31 space jam . Continue reading Space Jam Air Jordan 31 performance review

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Air Jordan 10 Retro Bulls Over Performance review 

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Here we have some additional NYC-inspired sneakers that will be    releasing during the NBA All-Star mayhem this season . Jordan Brand is  set to drop a pair of 30th anniversary takes on the 10: the      “Bulls   Over Broadway” Continue reading Air Jordan 10 Retro Bulls Over Performance review 

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Air Jordan 13 Retro Grey Toe –it is worth of playing

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From the 2005 , Air Jordan 13 RETRO was become the Jason Kidd sign who  Jason Frederick Kidd (born March 23, 1973) is an American basketball coach and former player. He is currently the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Previously a point guard in the NBA, he was a ten-time NBA All-Star, a five-time All-NBA First Team member, and a nine-time NBA All-Defensive Team member. Continue reading Air Jordan 13 Retro Grey Toe –it is worth of playing