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Air Jordan Melo M13 Performance Review

 Introducing the Jordan Melo M13. Carmelo Anthony is Jordan Brand’s longest-tenured signature athlete as he remained loyal to the Jumpman insignia since entering the league in 2003-04. We’ve seen plenty of awesome PEs gifted to Melo during his time as a Denver Nugget and even the occasional blue and orange gift to match his Knicks uniform.

The Melo line was long thought of as the “luxury” sig, right below the Jordan model as far as materials and technology.

Now we get it .

For the traction : We  can see from the picture , it is seems not very well . The pattern only has lines that run across, and nothing breaking up the pattern to give the shoe something to hold on to when playing laterally.

And the grooves are shallow and the rubber is not extremely hard or durable. That is the reason that most people don’t like it .

For Material :The Melo M13 uses a mesh upper with Kurim overlays around the lateral side and heel, and the mesh feels great on-foot. Soft and flexible.Whoever you are a students , NBA player , or enthusiast will like it .The mesh of material improve the ventilation

For cushioning : The forefoot is cushioned well and responsive with the Zoom pushing your foot back on compression. The nubs on the bottom give a weird sensation when added to the mix.

For the designer :It looks like the Jumpman is being as experimental as possible with the Jordan Melo M13 though, as an aggressively sleek design features diamond-like textures throughout what we can imagine is a synthetic Kurim construction.

Overall, I think it is one of the best Melo’s ever. That traction, though. Can’t do it.

The nice cushioning and the great supporting . also the size is true .

It is worth to buy .