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Air Jordan 34 Low Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Air Jordan 34 Low.

Tester: 168cm, 64kg

Testing Time: 4 basketball games on indoor and outdoor court

Traction: 8/10 scores

The out sole is radial herringbone pattern. The traction performance is excellent. The stability is good when turning and urgent stopping.

Endurance: 7/10 scores
The outsole is XDR rubber, but it’s not deep. It also depends on your playing way.

Cushion Performance: 10/10 scores

It has a big piece of air cushion on the forefoot sole, and the air cushion is also think on the rear sole. With Eclipse Plate which is made of Pebax, the cushion performance of Air Jordan 34 is excellent.
Fitness: 5/10 scores

The shoe tree is wide. My foot is long and thin, so the wide shoe tree is unsuitable to me. My foot is easy to slide. It’s unstable. And the forefoot of AJ34 is made of synthetic leather. So it can’t fit the foot well by fastening the shoelaces. It’s the problem of my foot. You can have a try on the physical store to check if it’s suitable for you or not, and choose the correct size.

Supporting Performance: 3/10 scores
For reducing the weight of shoes, it uses thin material on the side of vamp. So the supporting performance of vamp is not good. We suggest to wear thick sports socks.

Anti-rollover Performance: 5 scores

It thickened the anti-torsion part of ankle. But it’s not thick enough, maybe it’s to reduce the weight. The TPU on rear sole is stiff to reinforce the stability and protect the ankle. But it’s low type and the center of gravity is high, so I haven’t give high scores to it.

Anti-torsion Performance: 10 scores

The Eclipse plate which is made of Pebax can offer great anti-torsion performance. The overall strength is good. It won’t be easy to deform. It’s excellent.

Air Permeability: 9 scores

The material of vamp has good air permeability. The shoe tongue is a little thick, so the instep is a little stuffy.

Weight: 8 scores
It’s said that Air Jordan 34 Low is the lightest Jordan shoes.

Cost Effective: 7 scores

Air Jordan 34 Low has the excellent technology. The present price is acceptable. It’s a good choice if you want to try the newest technology.


The shoe tree of Air Jordan 34 Low is not suitable for most of people, it’s better to have a try on physical store before purchasing on line. Air Jordan 34 Low has excellent air permeability. The radial herringbone can offer excellent traction performance. But the lateral supporting performance of Air Jordan 34 Low is not good enough, it satisfy the anti-rollover performance for reducing the weight. But the stiff TPU plate on the shoe heel reinforce the stability of shoe heel.

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Air Jordan 34 Low Performance Review

If you ask me why I choose Air Jordan 34 Lowthe reason is, I just like it.

Let’ s have a look at the comprehensive assessment of Air Jordan 34.

Suited Court: Indoor and outdoor court, but it’s better not to play basketball on the cement court.

Suited Players: defenders & frontline, the weight between 70kg-100kg

Suited foot typeall kinds of foot type

Advantages: Light, good air permeability, high cost performance, comfortable


Comparing with AJ34, the first change of AJ34 Low is the material of forefoot vamp.

Although it increases the weight, but it’s worthy to make the change.

Comparing the ‘Cicada’s Wings ‘ reticulate pattern material, AJ34 Low uses leather. It improves the fitness.

The stiff TPU on the outboard of AJ34 is changed to leather. It improves the comfort level.

And it still uses reticulate pattern material on the vamp, so the air permeability is still good.

The lateral support of Air Jordan 34 low is the same as AJ34. Although the vamp is thin, but the supporting performance is good.

The second change is the height of shoe upper.

I always love the low type shoe, as it has good flexibility. The padding on both sides of ankle part is thick. It fits the foot very well. Moreover, it’s easy to put on and take off.


The insole configuration of Air Jordan 34 low is the same as Air Jordan 34. It has big ZOOM Air on the forefoot sole, Eclipse Plate on the midsole and hexagon ZOOM Air on the rear sole.

The configuration is the same, so the advantages and disadvantages of AJ34 Low and AJ34 is the same.

The feedback of big ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole is obvious. The starting speed is fast.

As the cushion of rear sole is close to the middle part of shoe heel, and Phylon is stiff in the beginning, so the cushion performance of rear sole is not good in the beginning. It needs time to break-in.


The outsole of AJ34 Low still use XDR. The pattern is still herringbone. The traction performance is excellent on clean indoor wood floor court. But if the court has dust, it may slip.

Although it’s made of XDR, but we still don’t suggest you to play basketball on the cement court.


It balances the center of gravity well. It has obvious extension design on the outsole. And the TPU connects the insole, outsole and the vamp. So the stability and anti-rollover performance is excellent.

Fitness: 8.5 scores

Feedback of forefoot sole9 scores

Cushion performance of rear sole8 scores

Anti-torsion performance9 scores

Anti-rollover performance9 scores

Traction Performance9 scores

Protection9 scores

Overall Supporting Performance9 scores

Overall Stability9 scores

Overall89 scores

Overall, AJ34 Low has some improvements comparing AJ34, although it’s not obvious. The shoelaces of AJ34 has the risk to broken. For defenders, if you haven’t purchased AJ34, you can try AJ34 Low.