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Air Jordan 33 SE Performance Review

I just purchased a pair of Air Jordan 33 SE. I chose half size bigger for this model. As AJ33 SE don’t have shoe laces, and my socks is thick, it’s hard for me to put on and take off.

Abrasive Resistance and Skid Resistance:

After playing basketball on the outdoor plastic cement about 2 hours, the black part is the rough selvedge. As it’s transparent sole, you know, it’s not suitable to play on outdoor court. But for skid resistance, it’s great. The sole can gripe the ground very well, not matter turning or stopping.

FastFit & FlightSpeed:

Although AJ33 SE takes FastFit technology, but the fit of vamp already good, so FastFit doesn’t have big effect. It’s not useful. And I’m afraid that the nylon digging rope will break. The FlightSpeed with big ZOOM on the forefoot sole is soft and elastic. It’s fast to start.


As AJ33 SE doesn’t have the design of shoe laces, it’s adjusted by the elastic cord. So it’s hard to put on and take off. But due to this kind of design, the shoes can fit the foot very well. The two pieces of foam on the shoe heel can also protect the heel tendon.

Although I haven’t felt the usage of FastFit technology, and the abrasive resistance is not good, but it doesn’t affect it to be a pair of nice basketball shoes. Moreover, the price is good.