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Closed Look and Unboxing: Air Jordan 32 Pure Platinum

AIR JORDAN 32 continues the design substance of AIR JORDAN 31, which is to salute to AIR Jordan 2. AIR Jordan 32 is made by the inspiration of AIR Jordan 2 with the present technology. It also reminds me the AJF series.

The side of shoebox is printed with the Roman numerals XXXII.

The front side of shoebox cover is printed with classic Jordan wings logo.


This pair of AIR JORDAN 32 keeps the previous design elements of Jordan 2, it uses Flyknit vamp, and it has three-dimensional contouring ankle stabilizing plate and exposed heel stabilizer.

The shoe tongue has the classic Jordan wings logo which is on Jordan 1 and Jordan 2. The flying basketball and Flyman logo are designed by Tinker on Jordan 3. So the logo on shoe tongue is also to salute to previous Jordan generations.

The embroider on the shoe tongue different for the different colorway of Jordan 32. And for the colorway Pure Platinum is reverse AIR JORDAN.

The outsole is X type fishbone and the nick is deep. The traction performance gets the good feedback from most of the players.

The insole of Jordan 32 also uses Flightspeed technology which is used from Jordan 28. The thickness of ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole uses the same ZOOM air cushion as Jordan 28. And the air cushion also has a back plate to maximize the function of air cushion and stabilize the insole. Although it doesn’t use new insole technology, but the feedback of insole is great. If your weight is not heavy, it needs times to break-in, then the feedback will be more and more obvious. It’s not too soft, the comfort level is great. It doesn’t have much surprise, but the feeling of insole is great.

Except the back plate, it also built-in a piece of 3D stabilizing plate. Although the stabilizing plate is made of TPU with carbon fiber plate, but the insole has double stabilizing plate. So it’s quite stable.

And the exposed stabilizing plate on the shoe heel also offer great stabilizing effect to ankle.

It has leather vamp on both sides of ankle part and it also has memory foam of inner padding. So the stability of ankle is excellent. But it effects the flexibility.

Except the usage of Flyknit vamp, the vamp of Jordan 32 uses two layers of knit, it’s combined with socks lining and knitted vamp. And there is a band type shoelace which is hidden between the two layers of vamp. The lacing band type shoe laces is extending to insole and covering the vamp. So the fit and fixity of Jordan 32 is great.

The X reinforced branch line on the vamp uses strong nylon to reinforce, the resistance of vamp is more excellent.

The ZOOM Air cushion on rear sole is also thick. The overall performance of Jordan32 is excellent. It’s worthy to have a try. For the disadvantage, the unit weight is a little heavy and the air permeability is not good. BTW, it’s hard to change the shoelaces of Jordan 32.