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What is The Difference Between Jordan 31 ‘Chinese New Year’ and ‘Chicago Bulls’ ?

The Air Jordan XXX1 (31) is Michael Jordan’s thirty-first signature shoe. It was first unveiled on July 20th, 2016 at a live event in Las Vegas. And there are a lot of fans for this type shoes , of course , I am the one of them, I got the Air Jordan 1,Air Jordan 11,Air Jordan 11low. Air Jordan 12, and Air Jordan 13,and Air Jordan 31. I love the Air Jordan 1 very much, but as we know this tye shoes ‘ performance is not good. However ,the Air Jordan 31 has been my favorite till now. Then there are more different between the Air Jordan 31 ‘Chinese New Year’ And Air Jordan XXX1 Low ‘Chicago Bulls’?


Air Jordan 31 Low “Chicago Bulls”

Release Date: June 30th, 2017

$160Color: White/University Red-Black

Style Code: 897564-101




Air Jordan 31 “Chinese New Year”
Style Code: 885429-103
Release Date: January 28, 2017
Price: $200

Though “Chicago Bulls” and “Chinese New Year”used the same shoes box.

The “Chicago Bulls”  featuring an homage to Mike’s past with familiar looks based on his time in North Carolina and Chicago. While the trio of footwear releases boasts two different Air Jordan 12 options, the Air Jordan 31 Chinese New Year stands out thanks to the implementation of actual bamboo on the heel trim.

Here are more pictures as below:



Premium leather on the heel and a woven textile for a flexible on-court feel


The midsole stripe while just a touch of University Red hits the Jumpman branding

There are a bit difference, though they look similar. “Chicago Bulls” alternates between premium leather on the heel and a woven textile for a flexible on-court feel that transitions over quite nicely to the lifestyle realm.

However the  “Chinese New Year” features a clean white to black Flyweave gradient with Pure Platinum Jumpman branding while an icy outsole showcases a bamboo pattern underneath. Team Red Jumpman branding stands out in contrast while the embossed Wings logo is almost camouflaged on the synthetic leather.

For the heel part , “Chinese New Year” will be more stiff and higher .

Pretty much the same as the mid. All of the support comes from the fit and heel counter so if you want a little more support go with the mid.

The biggest difference between the two pairs of shoes is that the high-cut version uses a double-layer upper, and there are six sponge protrusions on the ankle to fix the ankle. The low-cut version is an normal  upper with no sponge protrusions.

The Air Jordan 31low version of the shoe has a high-enhanced version of the hook logo, and the shoe is only a jumpmen person.

The soles of the two pairs of shoes look exactly the same, except for the high top  version with a translucent bottom. But the latter test proves that the two are still very different.


Dust does get lodged in the crevasses within the outsole but wipe it away and you’ll be good to go.

The Air Jordan 31 low used the Zoom + Flight Speed .FlightSpeed spreads weight out evenly,resulting in a whole-sole sweet spot thatoptimizes energy return on every move. So the Air Jordan 31 low  can support more energy and more responsive .With every step, high-strung fibers flex,fire back and are instantly distributedacross the entire foot by the FlightSpeed,so you can do what you want.However Air Jordan 31 Low “Chicago Bulls”  just used the Zoom.



Regarding the grip performance of aj31, there is a lot of controversy. Is it as uncomfortable as many people say, whether it is the pot of this sole, as a practical party that has worn a pair of 31, I will reveal the answer for you later.


Then here is the test .

Since the full length zoom is close to the ground, the part of the sole that contains the air cushion is obviously convex which a few millimeters higher than the surrounding sole, causing the shoe to be unstable on the flat ground.


This is a solid wood laminate flooring that is very close to the stadium ground.

Through this rocking experiment, we can see that the high top  version is shaking back and forth. The low-cut version seems to have improved, and the stability is obviously much better. Of course, due to the weight,it is will be different after putting on the shoes, but the air cushion is convexly designed was not good for balance.

Then we test the grip of the shoes .

Turning the shoes upside down, the stability has improved, the shoe can fall but seems  the friction also have an influence on  falling. So  the sole material and the grip of the texture are completely nice .


For the Air Jordan 31 “Chinese New Year” also falling uunder the angle 60, it is look the grip is great.


How we also tested other shoes , the PG 1 and hd2016low.

For the PG1,  it is falling down under the  angle 70

Then the HD 2016 ,  it is falling down under the  angle  45.

So the grip also nice .if you are on this Air Jordan , it is will be great. I mean the grip , the material of rubber and the zoom help  a lot .



The solid outsole works great and needs just  a little bit of time to break in to really grab.

It is stable and firm yet provides just enough spring that you can feel without any lag. Real Zoom feel although they could have implemented it like the Zoom BB for even better feel.

This kind of wrapping  is different from hd16 or PG1. These two shoes are very tight, pressed on the instep and uncomfortable, but the Air Jordan 1 low wrapping is based on the comfort, the zoom setting,the upper is soft,   I have been never slipping.


The starting performance of the shoes is not as long as the drag of the full length air cushion, and the force feedback and the responsive is nice.

Thanks to the use of Flight Speed technology.Cushioning allows fliers to be lethal in thefirst and fresh in the fourth.In fact, Flight Speed adds a layer of gasket on top of the full palm air cushion. It plays a role in increasing the area of the air cushion


Overall,seems the  difference between Air Jordan 31 ‘Chinese New Year’ and Air Jordan 31 Low ‘Chicago Bulls’ is small, but we can see the above  ,  so which shoes do you like ?