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Whats The Difference Between Air Jordan 30 and Air Jordan 29?

Since Jordan Brand’s first unveil in Chicago last January, there have been many discussions surrounding the shoe’s design process to Air Jordan XX9 midsole similarities, but whatever your thoughts are, this shoe marks the latest addition to MJ’s historic sneaker line.

AIR JORDAN has gone through its 30th anniversary, and many of its products have become classics of different times. The design teams of Tinker Hatfield and JORDAN BRAND are dedicated to creating the most unique pair of AIR JORDAN with innovative technology and top-level configuration, aiming to bring the highest performance basketball shoes to the JORDAN family. After more than a year of waiting, the endless AIR JORDAN 30  finally released .

What do you think of Jordan Brand’s 30th signature model? And how about the difference  performance between  Air Jordan 30 and 29 ?

The low counterpart to Jordan Brand’s first woven silhouette has turned some heads thanks to the performance aspects blending in rather nicely with a lifestyle-grade leather heel that boldly features ’23’ branding.

Air Jordan 30 re-use to same midsole from the Air Jordan XX9 has been the biggest point of discussion for this significant release, but the brand states that the choice was deliberate given the athlete’s comments regarding the high performance of that sole.

For the material :

The Air Jordan 29 used the performance Woven. Designers are determined to find something material like  fabric technology  when they see the “airbag” of a car moving, and the upper texture of the 29th model  has a similar knitting degree of “tie” fineness. Designer Tinker Hatfield  he describe the potential of this technology with high-quality and fitness material .

Just know that the upper feels great and it actually is supportive. One thing to note is that you’ll receive a better fit and experience the more you wear them.

Then the Air Jordan 30 , the Air Jordan 30 debuts an “exclusive mix of woven, knit and printed materials.” The woven upper provides a much stronger feeling as it’s more tightly knit. Additionally, the knit at the ankle and the interior is stated as offering “softness and breath-ability.



The concept of releasing ZOOM AIR  has been the core  JORDAN BRAND since its application on AIR JORDAN XX8 – the FLIGHTPLATE system. The design mainly sets ZOOM AIR closer to the outsole and transmits the responsiveness of the cushioning board to improve the movement and cushioning performance. After two years of used, the performance has been recognized, and the FLIGHTPLATE system on AIR JORDAN XX9 has been hailed by designer Tinker Hatfield as the best cushioning system of AIR JORDAN.
AIR JORDAN XXX follows the similar configuration of AIR JORDAN XX9. The core ZOOM AIR of the whole system is also configured on the forefoot. It is surrounded by the PHYLON material as the midsole bracket and is newly named FLIGHTSPEED system.
At first, wearing AIR JORDAN XXX, the ZOOM AIR resilience of the forefoot more like the AIR JORDAN XX9.



AIR JORDAN XXX’s biggest focus is on the heel, a mark made of Roman numerals XXX, the theme of the 30th anniversary and the pattern that represents the Nets are very distinctive, but at the same time the entire heel is also put a lot . First pay attention to the collar, the asymmetrical design inside and outside to create the required flexibility.The collar need more higher, but also adds a thick layer of insulation to the inner layer of the collar, surrounded by knitted cotton material when putting on and tightening the last set of laces, you will feel that the ankles are covered by thick cotton collars, and the material is soft, so the flexibility of the ankles is quite high, and it feels like socks. The same, soft and comfortable , flexible than the AIR JORDAN XX9

AIR JORDAN XXX’s heel inner boot also features a thick cotton protective layer to fill the gaps in Achilles’s crepe and a TPU stable design inside the shoe. we can felt more  Achilles’s wrap after playing longer. The design inside and outside has successfully filled the gap on the ankle. The support of the ankle is quite good. It is more effective than the AIR JORDAN XX9. The most surprising thing is that the insole of the inner cage is designed with anti-slip rubber, which completely locks the feet , reducing the sliding condition when playing.

AIR JORDAN XXX’s inner and outer design of the shoe is quite great. Compared with the 4 th model of AIR JORDAN ,the shoe tube is extremely flexible and has sufficient protection. The support is extraordinary; However, it is worthwhile. Note that the design is based on the sticking, but more comfortable inside


For supporting :

The FLIGHTSPEED on AIR JORDAN XXX is a little different from the FLIGHTPLATE system in AIR JORDAN XX9, which is the TPU on the outside (the red grid position above). On the AIR JORDAN XX9, a hard TPU shell is found around the midsole, which makes the heel hard and lacks explosive force. The rebound feels like being sealed. The AIR JORDAN XXX midsole only has the forefoot. The TPU shell is used on both sides, and the TPU shell is not equipped with the TPU shell to lock the PHYLON. It is more comfortable to wear than the AIR JORDAN XX9. The slight design changes the comfort of the midsole and becomes the biggest difference between the two.




For the traction :


Compared with AIR JORDAN XX8 / XX9 / XXX, the ZOOM AIR section of AIR JORDAN XX8 is still the most prominent one. The components used are also the most complicated ones. The rebound response is quite remarkable. This kind of strong rebound The PHYLON bracket from the midsole is matched with ZOOM AIR, which utilizes the elasticity of PHYLON to release more feedback energy from ZOOM AIR. The design is forward-looking for this kind of traction.But this combination also produces strength dispersion and durability of ZOOM AIR.




AIR JORDAN XXX’s midsole followed  the concept of the previous model  XX9 and improves the midsole design. It only adds the TPU shell to the PHYLON midsole and the outer layer of the forefoot, which makes the feedback energy of ZOOM AIR more concentrated, improving the power dispersion and heel bias. The midsole uses the Tendril Bridge to play a touring role, making the forefoot and heel movements more consistent and stable, providing excellent response and motivation for the footsteps.



Whether it is the FLIGHTPLATE or FLIGHTSPEED system, the concept of releasing the explosive power of ZOOM AIR is taken as a concept; The PHYLON and ZOOM AIR becomes the key to supporting and feedback. The midsole performance of AIR JORDAN XXX is roughly the same as that of XX9. Because the design is the same as 80% to 90%, the focus is on the TPU case, which is followed by the midsole. The Air Jordan 30  more comfortable than the XX9, while maintaining excellent cushioning.

Overall , After the release of AIR JORDAN XXX, it is generally considered to be a continuation of AIR JORDAN XX9. If it says that the advanced version of XX9 is better than the ultimate version; the reinforcement of the shoe makes the foot more secure, and the material are more strong and comfortable. The PHYLON of the midsole is more coordinated with the TPU casing, thanks to the traditionally detailed design. But the Air Jordan 29 still as the classic one .



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Air Jordan 30 Performance Review

Since Jordan Brand’s first unveil in Chicago last January, there have been many discussions surrounding the shoe’s design process to Air Jordan XX9 midsole similarities,  this shoe marks the latest addition to MJ’s historic sneaker line.

But how about the performance review ?

The Air Jordan 30th Anniversary Air Jordan XXX was dominated by Tinker Hatfield.when Michael Jordan asked him to spearhead the anniversary model’s design during a pre-birthday dinner. Realizing that he was up against time, Hatfield sketched an initial concept the following day.“The next morning I drew a shoe,” Hatfield explains. “Because I knew I was in deep trouble. We had no time. Then I realized it wasn’t good enough to sketch a shoe. I asked for that particular photo of Michael in the slam dunk contest and then I drew.”

Tinker Hatfield originally painted a pair of shoes, but found that the time is actually quite limited, if it is just enough to draw a pair of shoes.



Tinker Hatfield looked for a photo from Michael Jordan’s  photos, and find a picture  that the basketball turn to earth . Michael Jordan’s body is a cosmic starry sky, and the body  is symbolized ‘ XXX’. Finally, combined with the shape of the Nets, it seems that Michael Jordan  like a shining star in the vast universe, he can hold everything in the Earth.The photo Hatfield references is the other iconic image from the 1988 dunk contest, a front angle of Jordan with the ball cocked behind his ear and legs bent beneath his body. The figure in the illustration was transformed into a character Hatfield calls “Mister Cosmos,” the inspiration behind the Jordan XXX’s galactic theme.


NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan (23) in action, making dunk during All Star Weekend, View of scoreboard at Chicago Stadium, Chicago.

Yeah , this is the model of shoes.

For the box , it is just naothig special…

For the material :

Michael Jordan has hope to find a shoes with a sense of speed. Air Jordan XXX also uses the Nets with XXX Roman numerals to present this atmosphere.

Air Jordan XXX has an asymmetrical collar, which reminds us of the design of the Air Jordan XII, combined with the composition of the knitted fabric, making it softer.

The representative feature of the Air Jordan series is the  part of “toe”. Because Michael Jordan has always been obsessed with the slightly curved shape of the toe, take as Air Jordan XI  an example.Air Jordan also has difference desugn, and with the new printing technology designed by Mark Smith, the Air Jordan XXX is quite durable and breathable.“exclusive mix of woven, knit and printed materials.” The woven upper provides a much stronger feeling as it’s more tightly knit. Additionally, the knit at the ankle and the interior is stated as offering “softness and breath-ability.” So the court feeling is great .



For the traction :The Air Jordan 30  continuing the Flight Speed structure of the Air Jordan XX9, it will be the best shoe sole in Jordan Brand’s previous generations.“Excellence is never second place.” The new traction pattern utilized on the outsole was a nice feature. While the traction is inspired by the quote “Excellence is never second place,” the traction on the Air Jordan 30 was better than the Air Jordan 29.The traction does execute well on very clean courts, but I still find that it could be improved.

However I found the  traction was a slight step back,  I dont know why or just only me felt this problem , the  concept of utilizing a 3D inspired herringbone pattern to magnify Jordan’s pinnacle standard.


Through the technology of 3D printing technology, it also meets the needs of top players like Russell Westbrook.

For the cushioning : Actually the Air Jordan 30  utilizes the same cushion set up as the Air Jordan 29,  if you play the air Jordan 29 before , you much know the cushioning actually great , you can felt a little responsive and feedback ,especially for jump and move direction, you can felt more this feeling .You feel the prominent forefoot Zoom and the cored out portion of the heel for impact compression. The Zoom on these felt a little bit better compared to the 29. I would much rather prefer full length Zoom or a combination or forefoot and heel Zoom.


I think that the cushioning and the support of the bounce are important of  performances . For me , the best cushioning shoe is the LeBron  10. The cushion of the full length zoom cushion is suitable for the guy who  with great weight. Buffering will affect the reaction speed. The double Air Jordan30’s cushioning  effect is more suitable for the guard. The cushioning rate is just right, but the response speed feedback is great.


We  can see the gif picture as above.


For the supporting : Knitted material provides a sense of  supporting , and reduces the amount of adhesive required for the shoemaking process. Tinker Hatfield said that they continue to learn from the failures and learn from the successes.“Weaving” provides the equivalent strength of the Air Jordan XXX, providing sufficient protection for the ankle, while the “knit” material provides softness and breathability.

The heel counter dug into the back of my heel and Achilles which caused discomfort and created blisters. but the heel counter kept my foot in place.  you can do what you want to do but dont worry . I tried lacing the shoe without the top eyelet ,then the shoes will more lockdown my ankle, it a great protection.


Overall , actually the goal for   “Performance brand of excellence,”  “Excellence is never second place.“ , that is success and this Air Jordan 30 have been popular in the sneaker world. that is amazing . Nike and Jordan Brand are the pinnacle when it comes to athletic performance and doing things outside the box. I’m hoping adjustments will be made and the individuals assigned testing particular shoes will be more thorough. But for the material and cushioning ,  they are nice .

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Air Jordan 30 pure performance review

The Air Jordan 30 (XXX) was unveiled on January 14th, 2016 at a live event in Chicago, IL. Heralded as the greatest performing Air Jordan yet, the XXX features a knit and woven upper highlighted by a unique toe cap and FlightSpeed chassis.

How did Jordan Brand do with the Air Jordan XXX (30) in terms of pure performance? Continue reading Air Jordan 30 pure performance review