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Air Jordan 18 Retro Performance Review

The Air Jordan 18 would be dropping in a brand new “Cool Grey” colorway later this year, today there is more information about another pair of the Wizards era signature model making a return.

This time, the Air Jordan 18 is reportedly coming back in the OG “Black/Sport Royal” color scheme from 2002.I got it in this month .We will check it today.

For the  box, it is just nothing  special,but I like the grey color ,it is look cool.

Here is the info of the side .

This pair is similar to the “Sport Royal” pair that retroed earlier this year, but instead replaces the white leather upper with a black suede. Silver accents are used on the Jumpman and “23” branding seen on the shroud.Here we can see the details.

Jumpman and “23” branding seen on the shroud.


For the cushoning : Their cushion was amazing and like my experience with the more recent LeBron shoes.Sometimes. Your weight is evenly distributed between each unit, they’re encased in rubber, and they’re bottom loaded, so they don’t compress in the way that you might want them to.Not only do you have a full length Zoom unit running under foot but its also double stacked in the heel. However, the protection they provide upon initial impact is great and since the 14mm cushioning.



For the traction : The black with the blue  rubber look great.When you played on a clean floor then it was some of the best traction featured on an Air Jordan. But the dusty on the other hand had a pretty nasty affect as it tended to stick to the rubber like glue.Also we dont think you can play in the outside court.The gripping .actually great if you playing in the clean court.


For the the shoelace system ,metallic hardware used for the top eyelets. and the most interesting part is strap , I like this part. When we tight the shoelace,it is will lockdown the shoe. But the strap through the shoes upper ,it is look amazing , seems like Zero 1 design.

The shoes is more comfortable.The  insole is more  comfortable, we can see the picture that it is look thick,yes ,It is.So you will found that  more comfortable.


There are also more foam around the shoes.So it can help you protect your ankle well.That is amazing .

Also we need mention the supporting : The supporting actually great.Because of the upper itself wrapped the foot well but some of the softness that comes with the suede would lack a bit of support .However, the underfoot and torsional support was great. You have a full length Carbon Fiber torsion and TPU inside. Also the insole itself with additional Carbon Fiber.But the shoes inside really comfortable, it is not stiff though the supporting is great.


They fit true to size and lockdown was decent but awkward to lace up. 

For the material ,I felt the material is more comfortable,but it will be more stuffy.Because of the suede material.The materials depend on the colorway. You have two options… leather or suede. Both are great and high quality but the leather will likely provide you with a tad bit more support than the suede did.I dont think the it is a best choice in the summer, but most of fans dont care about it .


Overall,I like this shoes very much .The material is comfortable.and the cushioning is great too. Also I like the supporting part. If you can find a pair to play in, I’d recommend it just so you can chose this one . But if you’re looking for higher end performance then you might the Lebron shoes will be better.