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Air Jordan 12 Performance Review

Today, we want to share the performance review of Air Jordan 12 FIBA.

  1. Cushion Performance (8-9.5 scores)

The cushion performance is excellent. But the insole foam is not soft enough, it’s a little stiff. But the advantage is the good anti-torsion performance, it’s not easy to deform. If your weight is not too light, the cushion performance of forefoot is good. The cushion performance of rear sole is also enough for me. My weight is 74kg.

  1. Anti-torsion Performance (9.3-10 scores)

The insole is a little stiff, and it has a piece of thick carbon plate, with the special design on arch, the anti-torsion performance is good.

  1. Supporting Performance (8.5-9.5 scores)

It has upturning design on the sole. With the leather material, the supporting performance is good. But the skid resistance of shoe-pad is bad, so it will presses the toes when urgently stop.

  1. Anti-rollover Performance (8-8.9 scores)
    The anti-rollover performance of Air Jordan 12 is excellent. Although is doesn’t have obvious anti-torsion design, but the strength is good, it doesn’t have big deformation when turning, it reduces the risk of rollover. The good anti-rollover performance is due to below reasons: the outside of insole has upturning design; the insole material is stiff; it has carbon plate to improve the anti-torsion performance; The vamp is thick; It’s high type design. Although the anti-rollover performance is not excellent, but it’s already enough for me.
  2. Fitness (7.5 scores)

It’s a little empty for me. It needs to fasten the shoelaces tightly. But the material is leather and it doesn’t have inner sleeve, so it don’t have the good fitness as ZOOM GP.

  1. The air permeability is bad.
  2. Traction and Abrasive Resistance (8.5-9.2 scores)

The rubber of outsole is stiff. The pattern is herringbone, so the traction performance is excellent. But if the ground is wet, we don’t suggest you to play basketball. The durability is good. I haven’t found big abrasion after playing several basketball games.


The advantages of Air Jordan 12 is as below:

  1. Excellent cushion performance
  2. Excellent anti-torsion performance
  3. Excellent colorway and appearance
  4. Good cost performance
  5. Excellent supporting performance and anti-torsion performance

1. The slip resistance of shoe-pad is not good.

2. Fitness is not good, the shoe can’t fit the foot very well.

We suggest you to change to thick shoe-pad to improve the slip resistance and fitness.

3. Bad air permeability. The feet are stuffy if wearing the shoes in Summer.