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Detailed Look and Review: Air Jordan 11 Retro Bred 2019

After 7 years, Air Jordan 11 Bred Retro is released. Who can withstand it?

My favorite colorway of AJ11 must be Bred. I prefer to it than Concord.


Comparing with the shoebox of 2012, the size that I bought in 2012 is EUR41, the size of AJ11 Retro Bred that I bought is EUR40, but it’s obviously that the shoebox of 2019 is much bigger than the shoebox of 2012 model.

The shoebox of AJ11 Retro Bred 2019 is the normal design with Swoosh logo on the front side. It seems that Nike likes the retro shoebox recently. AJ11 black and blue colorway also uses the same shoebox.


19RE also doesn’t uses plastic cap as concord, but it adds a card inside. It shows that JORDAN brand celebrates this model by delivering detailed craftmanship honoring MJ’s first triple crown run.

There is a detail on the shoebox of 2012RE, you can see that there is a fingerprint on the side of shoebox.

2012RE VS 2019RE:

Do you prefer to the big area of patent leather model or the small area of patent leather model?

To be honest, the workmanship of 2019RE is much better than 2012RE.

The incising proportion of 2019RE shoe head’s patent leather is better.

The height of shoe upper and the shape of shoe heel is the same. But it seems that the shoe heel of 2019RE is narrower.

Let’s have a look at the side vamp. I think the workmanship of 2019RE is better than 2012RE. And I prefer to the small area of patent leather version. The 2012RE version with big area of patent leather looks bigger.

Moreover, the directions of the Jumpman is different. For 2012RE, the directions of Jumpman holding the basketball of is different, one is forward and the other one is backward. But 2019RE, the directions of Jumpman holding the basketball is forward.

But the workmanship of 2019RE Jumpman embroidery is not better than 2012RE. The leather material around the shoe upper is also different.

The colorway of 2012RE outsole is redder than 2019RE outsole. Maybe it’s oxidized.

We can see the grain of 2019RE’s carbon plate, but the outer coating looks like plastic plate.

But the carbon plate of 2012RE looks better than 2019RE.

Let’s have a closed look at 2012RE and 2019RE.