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Adidas UltraBoost Guard Performance Review


Adidas is always proud of BOOST technology. The BOOST technology also replaces the traditional cushion material. Today, we want to share you the performance review of Adidas UltraBoost Guard running shoes.

About waterproof technology

In Autumn and Winter, the warm function of shoes becomes very important, especially in running days. So a pair of waterproof running shoes is essential for us. Adidas has many years’ experience on the waterproof technology. And UltraBoost Guard uses knitted mesh with Primeknit waterproof material which can offer comprehensive protection to foot on humid environment.


The shoebox of Adidas Boost series has changed a lot from 2019. It’s not the yellowish-white stripes shoebox. It’s changed to black semigloss shoebox.

The Adidas UltraBoost Guard running shoes continues the traditional design of UltraBoost.

Shoe heel

The shoe heel of Adidas UltraBoost Guard uses U sharp surrounding TPU support. The TPU support plate can offer good supporting performance. The cambered design accord with human engineering. So it’s comfortable


UltraBoost series running shoes always get high evaluation for the insole and vamp. The integrated knitted vamp has good elasticity. It’s comfortable. As a pair of Winter running shoes, Adidas UltraBoost Guard uses Primeknit vamp, it’s very special. As it can assure the comfort level and also improve stability. The waterproof coating vamp made by Primeknit can prevent the water effectively.

Except the reflective tap on the shoe head, the three stripes on the side of vamp also has the reflecting function.


We’re familiar with the feeling of Boost insole. Boost is mainly combined with several foaming technology. It’s soft and has great elasticity. The biggest advantage should be the durability.


Adidas UltraBoost Guard uses Continental rubber outsole to increase the durability. And the rubber is thick. The grain of sole is made for slippery road.

The sole of Adidas UltraBoost Guard is built-in a piece of Torsion system to keep the good anti-torsion performance.


Actually many Boost running shoes don’t have the separated shoe-pad, so that the foot can touch the insole directly. But to increase the cushion performance, Adidas UltraBoost Guard keep the shoe-pad, and the thickness of shoe-pad is thicker than other Boost series running shoes.


When wearing Adidas UltraBoost Guard in the beginning, the feeling is different with previous UltraBoost. The soft Boost insole can’t offer the softest feedback in the first time, maybe it’s due to the rubber of insole is too thick. It needs times to breaking-in, but it doesn’t need to take a long time.

Waterproof Testing

The most important performance of Adidas UltraBoost Guard is waterproof performance. It can defense the rainwater and dew.

Running Test:

When wearing Adidas UltraBoost Guard to run on the road, the outsole make a profound impression to me. The force of friction is strong. It’s also fast to start to run. When running, the Primeknit vamp fit the foot very well. The stability is better than the knitted vamp of UltraBoost. After running about 5KM, I still feel comfortable.

Adidas UltraBoost Guard is not so soft as traditional Boost running shoes. The elasticity is moderate. So it’s very comfortable when running.

When running complicated road surface, the performance of Adidas UltraBoost Guard makes me surprised. I think that Adidas UltraBoost Guard can deal with normal cross-country running.

In tartan, the cushion experience can be improved. It’s very comfortable for middle- and long-distance race.

Although the vamp is waterproof material, but it’s not stiff, it still has good elasticity.

Overall:Although the appearance of Adidas UltraBoost Guard keeps the traditional design, but the actual performance is much better than traditional casual Boost running shoes. After testing, I think that Adidas UltraBoost Guard is suitable for most of runners, especially the runners who like running in outdoors. The traction performance and stability won’t make you disappointed. The overall performance of Adidas UltraBoost Guard is good. It can deal with kinds of running environments.