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Adidas ULTRABOOST 2020 Performance Review

Adidas sent BOOST™ technology insole and ULTRABOOS series running shoes to ISS National Laboratory to test. In memory of this cooperation, Adidas ULTRABOOST 2020 series running shoes are born.

ULTRABOOST 2020 Appearance

The Boost insole and UltraBoost shoes shape is easy to identify. The appearance of UltraBoost 2020 also has some elements of outer space, such as the mark on the shoe tongue and shoe-pad.

The details of UltraBoost 2020 also follows UltraBoost 2019. From UltraBoost 2019, UltraBoost is only constituted with 4 parts, so do the UltraBoost 2020.

UltraBoost 2020 Vamp

We’re familiar with the Primeknit material. UltraBoost 20202 improved the traditional Primeknit material, that it’s the brand new Primeknit vamp which are cooperating with TFP aerospace science and technology.

TFP is a innovative technology. This technology lays the fibers in millimeters. The performance of Primeknit is better. And it’s more flexible and lighter.

As the symbolic design of UltraBoost, 3D Heel Frame get praise on the performance and appearance. The appearance of UltraBoost 2020 Heel Frame continues the stripe structure of UltraBoost 2019.

The inspiration of Heel Frame’s stripe structure comes from 3D printing technology. It can fix the shoe heel well, and it’s lighter than sheeting structure.


The most important part of UltraBoost 2020 is the insole. The Boost technology has been improved.

The Boost material is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. Through physical foaming method and supercritical technology, the internal equilibrium state of the material is broken, and the particles will increase 2-3 times, then it generates the Boost form. It’s lighter than traditional EVA insole, the cushion performance is also better. The tension and tenacity is also excellent. Moreover, the durability is longer.

The insole material of UltraBoost 2020 is increased more than 20% than UltraBoost 2019. The material of vamp side and shoe heel is thicker. The unit weight is 315g, it’s not heavier than UltraBoost 2019. The thicker material can bring more energy feedback to runners and the protection to arch and heel is improved.

UltraBoost 2020 still uses Torsion Spring anti-torsion system as the support. The weight is lighter and it’s more stable.


The outsole is Continental rubber which has great durability. The grain of UltraBoost 2020 outsole is the same as UltraBoost 2019. The traction performance is good.

Actual Running Performance

UltraBoost 2020 is a pair of running shoes. We have tested it on the synthetic racetracks, road and treadmill.

  1. Synthetic Racetracks

In the beginning, I can’t feel the feedback of UltraBoost 2020 obviously. After jogging and long-distance running, the feedback from UltraBoost 2020 is more and more obvious.

The TFP technology Primeknit vamp fit the foot very well. It’s comfortable.

  1. Road

Comparing with synthetic racetracks, road is stiffer and can offer better support to runners. The Boost insole has Torsion Spring, it’s quite stable when running. And I can feel that the Boost insole is more and more elastic when running.

  1. Treadmill

For the runners, it’s easier to run on treadmill than road. The performance of UltraBoost 2020 on the treadmill is also stable.


The vamp material, insole and outsole of UltraBoost 2020 has the present advanced technology. It can offer excellent feedback to the runners when training in different environments. But the Boost insole is not thin, so it’s not light, then it can’t be the first choice of top-level racing runners. But it’s suitable for them for training. UltraBoost 2020 series running shoes can satisfy the request of most of the runners.

There are 7 colorways of UltraBoost 2020 that have been released. You can find the favorite one.