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Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 GCA Performance Review

I wrote the performance review of Adidas Pro Bounce Madness Low 2019 after the championship this year. Today we will also have a look at Adidas Pro Bounce 2019. The name really confuses us. Ok, to make it clearer, let’s call it as the new Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 model.

▼It’s also called Adidas Pro Bounce 2019, so which one is 2019 version?

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019, which appeared during the world championship only has a small modification, it removes the side TPU supporting plate, but make the Bounce insole to be extended to upward. It doesn’t have big difference from the appearance. It’s easy to be recognized as Adidas Pro Bounce series basketball shoes. So what about its performance?

▼The world championship version is artificial leather


  1. Good Cushion Performance, but it’s a little stiff

Pro Bounce 2019 still uses Bounce insole technology. I personally like Bounce insole very much.

The cushion of the new Pro Bounce 2019 version is a little stiff. It doesn’t have the obvious feedback of last Pro Bounce 2019 version. But the actual performance when playing basketball games is good, it needs time to break-in. The cushion performance will be better.

▼It’s easy to recognize the Bounce insole

Although it’s full-length air cushion, but only the cushion of rear sole is obvious. As the forefoot sole is thinner, it can keep the starting speed.

▼The thin forefoot insole

  1. Great Traction Performance

The outsole grain of Pro Bounce 2019 is traditional herringbone. It’s decorated with camouflage color. And the outside grain near to forefoot sole is deeper to increase the abrasion resistance. It’s useful design for me.
▼The herringbone on the outside outsole is bigger

The traction performance is great. I have tested in the inner court for 3 times, the performance is stable. As the outsole is extended from upward to outside of the vamp, so it can offer more frictional force when turning.

  1. Good fit and it’s comfortable

The vamp of Pro Bounce 2019 should be hot-melting material. It’s not thick, but it’s very light. And it can fit the foot very well. The shoe tongue is thick. After fastening the wide shoelaces, the foot can be fixed well.

▼The vamp is not thick, but it can fit the foot well

▼Thick shoe tongue

▼It’s filled with foam arrounding the ankle part

If you see the name of the shoes is added with GCA, then it should be the widen type. For the shoes that I have weared like Harden BE/3, HARDEN VOL.4 and Pro Bounce 2019, the shoe tree is widen, but it’s not so exaggerated as some Nike shoes. The shoe tree is not too big and not too tight. It’s suitable for most of peoples.

▼The widen shoe tree


As a pair of high type shoes, the supporting performance of Pro Bounce 2019 is not good.

As we mentioned, the vamp is thin hot-melting material, It doesn’t filled with thick foam inside. And it doesn’t have the side TPU supporting plate. So it’s not very strong.

▼The vamp is a little soft

▼The TPU on shoe heel is also a little soft

The TPU of Pro Bounce 2019 is the softest one that I have tested recently. Although I haven’t been hurt, but I’m a little afraid the hidden risk.

Although it doesn’t have TPU supporting plate, but the insole has the upward stretching design as protection. So the foot can be fixed well. With the wide forefoot sole, it has great stability.

▼The upward stretching design offer some side support



8.7 Stars

Shoe Tree: it’s a little wide

Size: it’s a little longer than normal size, it’s better to have a try before purchasing.

Although the Adidas basketball shoes doesn’t have many new creativities as Nike. But the actual performance of Adidas shoes is stable and good. Overall, the performance of Pro Bounce 2019 is good. As the price is also not high. It has high cost performance.