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Adidas Harden Vol.3 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Adidas Harden Vol.3.

I’m satisfied at Adidas Harden VOL.3. The overall performance of Harden VOL.3 is good. It’s classic low model design with Adidas Boost technology. The air permeability of leather vamp is bad. And the leather of shoe head and shoe heel is easy to be gauffered.

The fitness and supporting performance of Harden VOL.3 is excellent. The shoe heel is filled with foams. The shoe tongue is thick. After fastening the shoelaces, it can fit the foot very well.

When moving and turning, we can feel the feedback from vamp. And the vamp is not easy to deform. If your ankle is hurt before, the protecting effect will be better with ankle guard. My feet haven’t been sprained.

I think that Harden Vol.3 is also suitable for defenders.

The most satisfied part of Harden Vol.3 is the feedback and supporting performance. As it reduces the Boost material of forefoot, so the feedback is obviously, it’s fast to start.

I don’t like the cushion of Harden Vol.3. It changes the thick Boost of Harden Vol. 2. The Boot is thinner. It’s soft in the beginning, but after playing several basketball games, it’s getting to be stiff. The cushion performance is not good if jumping to the ground.

If you have high request for the cushion performance, we suggest you to purchase Harden Vol. 2 or Harden Vol. 4

The traction performance is great. I haven’t slipped on the wood floor or plastic cement. The outsole is crystal rubber. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone is good. The durability of outsole is great.

Overall, Harden Vol.3 has good supporting performance, anti-rollover performance, traction performance and durability. If you don’t have high request for the cushion performance, you can try it.