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Adidas Harden BE 3 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of Adidas Harden B/E 3 BATW.

The Harden B/E series always get good feedback in the market. The Harden series have good cost performance. The first feeling when getting it, I think it’s a little too big. The Velcro design which is bonded to the outside of shoe heel let me remind the kids’ sneakers. The appearance of Adidas Harden B/E 3 BATW hasn’t continued the low type design of Harden series. The overall outline looks like a pair of inside lane players’ shoes.

The vamp is jointed with leather and fabric. The synthetic leather shoe head can assure the support and comfort level, and it also looks good. The “Three Stripes” design on the side of vamp let me associate the Adidas Falcon series football shoes.

But the vamp is easy to be draped. The shoe lacing system is hidden under Velcro. And it also has a piece of elastic band to reinforce. With the inner sleeve and outside Velcro design, the shoes can fit the foot very well.

As a pair of mid-range basketball shoes, the insole technology of Adidas Harden B/E 3 BATW is still Bounce. The outsole grain is constituted with big area of multi-directional herringbone to improve the traction performance and turning responsiveness. The outsole design is the insole extending to vamp, which can offer good anti-torsion performance, so we can be more confident when changing the direction and stopping.


  1. The cushion performance is good, but it’s a little stiff comparing with B/E 2. It’s more suitable for the guys who like shooting. If you are inside lane player, you may feel that the cushion is insufficient.
  2. The big area of all-directional herringbone offer excellent traction performance. You can also stop in time on the outer court.
  3. The socks type design with traditional shoelaces, elastic bond and Velcro design offers excellent wrapping performance, the shoe can fit the foot very well. And with the wide outsole, we don’t need to be worried when making any movements.

Purchasing Suggestion: The shoe tree is a little long. It’s bigger about half size than normal size. Due to the complicated shoe lacing system, it’s not good for the guys whose instep is high. It’s better to have a try on physical store before purchasing.