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Adidas D Rose 10 Performance Review

Adidas released Rose 10 in September. I purchased the first released colorway. Derrick Rose is my appreciative player. After going through twice pain, he still could get 50 scores on last sports competition season. I admire his perseverance and indomitable spirit.


Rose 10 looks concisely. The design is similar to Rose 1.5. But it still has its own characteristics on the details. The more you look, the more you like it.

Performance Review:


Bounce Insole

  1. Cushion Performance

It’s comfortable after wearing, it’s not too stiff and not too soft. Rose 10 uses full-length Bounce cushion material which is not so soft as Boost. My weight is not higher than 75kg, so if your weight is lower than mine, the cushion performance of Rose 10 is enough for you. Harden 4 also abandon Boost material, but use Lightstrike. So maybe Boost is not very suitable for basketball shoes.

The rear sole is thick. The cushion performance is good.

  1. Fit

The vamp of Rose 10 is cow leather. It looks good. The fit is not very good. As the forefoot is a little loose. The shoe tree is a little wide, and size is a little big than normal size.

  1. Stability and Protection

Rose 10 is middle type basketball shoes. Although Rose think that it’s low type, but actually the upper is not low. The stability is good. There is a piece of TPU plate on the shoe heel which offer good strength and stability to the shoes. It can lock the ankle and heel very well. The anti-torsion performance of Rose 10 is good. Although the appearance of Adidas shoes is not better than NIKE, but it has good protection.

Good Anti-torsion performance

  1. Outsole and Skid Resistance

The outsole of Rose 10 uses traditional herringbone. The forefoot sole also has concentric circles grain.

The outside of forefoot and rear sole is herringbone

The traction performance of herringbone grain is good. It’s above average. But the sole should be easy to absorb dust, so the skid resistance would decline.

  1. Design Details

We can see the Rose’s signature and some significative numbers on the TPU plate.

The Rose 10 year in Chinese and English on the shoe heel looks cool.

It also embosses Rose 10 YR on the outsole.

The gold Rose logo on the shoe tongue is also good looking.

Overall, the performance of Rose 10 is good, above average. For the size, if you don’t have high instep, you can choose half size smaller.