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Adidas Crazy BYW X 2 Performance Review

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Height/Weight: 180cm/83kg

The reason that I purchased this pair of Adidas Crazy BYW X 2 is, I haven’t had Adidas Crazy 97 when I was young. The technology of Adidas Crazy 97 is with ‘Feet Your Wear’(FYW). It’s always a pity for me.

Recently, Adidas uses the new technology BOOST to revive this series. It’s said that the feeling of BYW X is similar to the first generation. It likes stepping on the ground with bare feet. But the biggest disadvantage is that the durability of the outsole is not good.

This pair of Adidas Crazy BYW X 2 has improved the problem of abrasive resistance. But the durability is just good, not very durable.

It’s very stable when playing basketball. The lateral protection and stable is quite good. It should be due to great side protection, excellent fitness and adjusting Boost.

We can see that the side of the vamp has exaggerated side protecting structure from the toes to heel. This structure is made of TPU, EVA and rubber.

These 3 covering materials can increase the strength and stability and it can restrict the deformation of vamp. The shoe heel is fixed with EVA and TPU, and the inner side also has reinforcing materials. With the Torsion system (TPU), the anti-torsion performance of Adidas Crazy BYW X 2 is excellent.

The socks design inner sleeve improves the fitness. As the vamp uses thin mesh fabric, although it’s reinforced with chamois leather on both sides, but I see feel that the part above toes is a little empty. If fastening the shoelaces, the foot won’t slide in the shoes.


The Boost insole is not too soft, it’s a little solid, so the feedback of sole is stable. Maybe you don’t like the feedback of insole, you can have a try on the physical store

BTW, it’s worthy to mention that the Lightstrike insole of Dame 6 is soft and elastic, but it’s too soft when jumping down to the ground. But I don’t have such feeling when wearing BYW X 2.0 to play basketball.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of BYW X 2.0

Firstly, the outsole is easy to get dust. The traction performance should be good if playing on clean indoor court. Although it won’t slip after getting dust, but it will also affect you to stop. If comparing with recently other shoes, the contrastive traction performance should be: Gelhoop v12 > Hyperdunk 2016 > Dame 6 > KI4 = BYW X 2.0
But please don’t worry, the traction performance of BYW X 2.0 is not bad, it’s enough for me. But it can’t be the advantages if comparing with Gelhoop v12, Hyperdunk 2016 and Dame 6.

And it has another small disadvantage, this colorway is easy to be dirty. So I still suggest you to play on indoor court.

Overall, the biggest advantage of BYW X 2.0 is the stability. The appearance is cool. Traction performance is not excellent, but the overall performance of BYW X 2.0 is not bad, if you like it, you can have a try.