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Adidas Climacool Vent Performance Review

As the Summer is coming, Adidas Climacool series have the updated version every year. Today we will talk the new Adidas ClimaCool Vent running shoes.

ClimaCool Vent series is the classic Adidas running shoes. Since 2002, due to its excellent air permeability, it becomes the favorite running shoes of many runners. According to the professional research, the temperature and humidity of the runners who wear ClimaCool are 20% lower than other runners who wear normal running shoes.

ClimaCool Breeze series running shoes are known for its excellent air permeability. Adidas release the brand new ClimaCool Vent series running shoes in 2020. It’s aimed to offer more comfortable and ventilate feeling to foot.

The new released ClimaCool Vent series running shoes has been upgraded a lot. The air permeability is much better than ClimaCool Breeze series.

  1. The midsole is the ventilated part. It adds visible ventilated holes. The forefoot sole has 9 ventilated holes to keep the foot dry.
  2. The vamp uses engineering mesh fabric. The air permeability is good.
  3. The ClimaCool Vent running shoes has the exhaust port above the TORSION® system to keep the good air permeability of the area between instep and sole of foot.
  4. It has TPU frame on the board of vamp to reinforce. And it’s filled with gauze element, which can offer supporting performance and also discharge the hot air. And ClimaCool Vent uses full-length Bounce technology insole which has good cushion performance.

We have a test to see the air permeability of ClimaCool Vent.

Firstly, we put the dry ice in the shoes, you can see that the gas of dry ice is out from the vamp.

And we also use light source to check the air permeability. We can see that the light pass through the mesh fabric and ventilated holes.

Are you satisfied at our test?

We also go out to run by wearing ClimaCool Vent.  When running, I didn’t feel obvious stuffiness. Air has been circulating freely inside the shoes, the foot can breathe freely. The air permeability is perfect.

Except the excellent air permeability, the cushion performance of Bounce is also great, it can offer good feedback when running.

ClimaCool Vent series running shoes will help you love running in the hot Summer.

After testing and running, I recommend the runners to purchase ClimaCool Vent series running shoes if you like run in Summer. There are also many colorways for your choice. Let’s keep running.