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Adidas Adizero SL20 Performance Review

I’m amateur runner. My height is 185cm and weight is 90kg. I normally run about 40-50km every week, about 10-15km each time, and the speed is about 5-5’30.

Adidas Adizero SL20 get good feedback on YouTube and some BBS. So I purchased it to have a try. After running for the middle distance a few times, I find that Adidas Adizero SL20 is a nice pair of cheap running shoes.

Advantages: Good supporting performance, Light Lightstrike insole and the feedback is fast, the thickness of insole is not too thin and not too thick, the Continental outsole is durable and skidproof, the TPU anti-torsion plate is useful.

Disadvantages: the shoe tree is a little wide, it needs to prove the air permeability and durability of Lightstrike.

Adidas Adizero SL20

Adidas Adizero SL20 belong to Adizero professional running series. But the location of official is the training shoes between cushion and competing for speed. The biggest characteristic of Adidas Adizero SL20 is the full-length Lightstrike insole, not Boost. Comparing with Boost, the weight of Lightstrike is lighter. The weight of US12 Adidas Adizero SL20 is only 262g. It’s obviously lighter than Ultraboost 4.0 and Pulseboost.

Although 60g is not big difference, but it’s obvious after wearing.

It’s also lighter than Adizero Boston 8 and ZOOM Fly 3.

After trying Adidas Adizero SL20, I give up other running shoes.

The vamp design of Adidas Adizero SL20 is succinct, but the colorway is attractive. It uses traditional mesh fabric. Comparing with the Primeknit  of UB4.0 and the  Adaptive Knit of  Pulseboost, the vamp of Adidas Adizero SL20 is thinner and more tough. It has good air permeability and vamp support.

Mesh fabric

The artificial leather on shoe heel and semi-transparent TPU offer good stability to Adidas Adizero SL20.

The  shoe heel support

After running a few times, I’m satisfied at the vamp design. The shoelaces are not easy to loosen. But the disadvantage is, the shoe tree is a little wide. It’s a little empty. But the tenacity and supporting performance of Adidas Adizero SL20 vamp is good, so it doesn’t need to decline the speed like UB 4.0 to keep the stability when running on uneven road or turning.

Adidas Adizero SL20 haven’t used Boost insole, but using full-length Lightstrike insole. Actually, Lightstrike has been used on many Adidas basketball shoes.

Full-length Lightstrike insole

The foot feeling of Adidas Adizero SL20 is similar to Pulseboost. It’s stiffer than the Boost insole of UB4.0. But it improves the resilient speed and stability. As the material is light, although the insole of Adidas Adizero SL20 is thicker than Pulseboost, but it’s lighter about 100g.Of course, as the main material of Lightstrike is EVA, so the durability is worse than Boost which is TPU material. Hope that Lightstrike can withstand the test of time and distance.

Lightstrike – Boost – Boost HD

The forefoot sole and rear sole of Lightstrike is made of Continental and transparent crystal rubber with TPU anti-torsion plate on the midsole. We don’t need to worry about the traction performance of Continental sole.

The outsole pattern of Adidas Adizero SL20 is similar to the pattern of tire. After running about 50km, I haven’t found obvious abrasion of outsole. The durability should be good.

The abrasion after running 50km

The redesigned X anti-torsion plate is extending from midsole to shoe head and shoe heel. It’s useful. The anti-torsion plate can keep the stability and cooperating with Lightstrike insole to push you forward.

Torsion System

After getting Adizero SL20, I have ran about 3 times, it refresh my record of 15KM running.

Although Adizero SL20 doesn’t have great configuration, but the vamp is stiff, insole is light and has fast response, the outsole is useful, moreover, the price is cheap. It’s worthy to have a try.