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Adidas Adizero Boston 7 Performance Review

Adidas is always the greatest sponsor of Boston Marathon. Runners are always proud of going to attend Boston Marathon. So Adidas released the first pair of Adizero Boston in 2008 which is a classic pair of running shoes. It uses several technologies to help the runners to run faster with less strength. Of course, the newest Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is one of the most recommended running shoes on 2018 Runner’s World.

Performance Analysis

At the first look of Adidas Adizero Boston 7, it’s succinct. As the main colorway of vamp is black. The vamp is made of big area of ventilated mesh fabric. It’s only decorated with little dark red mark on the sides of shoe heel.  The outside of shoe heel is ADIZERO BOSTON and the inner side of shoe heel is Adidas logo. The insole EVA is also black. Only the Boost is white.

The setting of Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is light racing shoes. So the unit weight of US8 is about 242g. As it has several technologies, the weight is already very light.


It uses double-deck ventilated mesh fabric. The inner layer uses soft ventilated mesh fabric to adjust the temperature. The outer layer uses stiff ventilated gridding material to cover and fix. The air permeability is good. Microfit shoe tree design makes your feet fit the shoes very well. It has excellent flexibility and reagency when running.


The insole is made of two different materials. The upper layer is EVA which plying-up on Boost. It’s extended from shoe heel to tiptoes. The part of tiptoes is only EVA material. EVA has good cushion performance. It’s also soft, and it can antifatigue. It can keeps long time resilience and cushion performance. It will keeps you to be more stable.

The under layer uses BOOST energy feedback insole. It’s extended from shoe heel to forefoot sole. It can offer good supporting performance and comfortable feedback. To moderate the BOOST elastic energy, it adds Torsion System structure. It can keep the stability.


Adidas Adizero Boston 7 uses Stetch Web extending rubber outsole. With elastic poroid design and Continental rubber, it can maximum the Boost energy. It improves the stability and traction performance when running.

Testing on 3 kinds of different road conditions:

  1. PU runway

As Adidas Adizero Boston 7 has suspension layer design, so the energy feedback on PU runway which has suspension effect is not obvious. As the shoes fit the foot very well, it’s quite stable when turning. It’s light and the speed is fast when running. I suggest to run on the road without good suspension performance, so that it can show its advantages.

  1. Pitch Road

The pitch road doesn’t have suspension effect. So it can test the actual suspension performance, flexibility and stability of running shoes. It’s fast when starting, it doesn’t have the burden. Due to the stabilizing structure, the midsole won’t warp.

  1. Sidewalk

The condition of sidewalk is rugged. It will feedback if the shoes has good cushion performance and stable insole. When running on uneven road condition, Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is still quite stable.


My first pair of Adidas jogging shoes is Adios. It’s quite comfortable. I think that Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is similar to Adios, except the vamp of Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is thick and stiff, and the insole is also different. Although the weight of Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is heavier than Adios, but the actual performance is similar. It’s suitable for running long distance.

The EVA and Boost double-deck material offer good cushion performance, energy feedback and fatigue resistance. When running, we can feel obvious energy feedback to save the strength. The Torsion System structure can keeps you to be stable when turning and running on uneven road condition. The outsole has great traction performance and wearing resistance.

As the shoe tree is a little narrow, if your foot is fat and wide, it’s better to choose half size bigger to have a try.