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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA STEWIE 1 QUIET FIR

PUMA teamed up with Breanna Stewart of the WNBA’s seattle storm to launch the STEWIE 1, which is the first women’s signature basketball shoes to be commercially available in nearly 20 years.


The black shoebox is covered with Stewart’s personal logo.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The vamp uses multi-zone single-deck mesh fabric, which offers excellent air permeability and comfort level. The air holes arrangement sequence is inspired by Polaris.

The vamp has hot-melting coating on the important positions. It improves the strength and offer good supporting protection.

There are 6 couples of shoelace holes. The front 2 couples uses webbing to increase the supporting stability.

The shoe tongue of STEWIE 1 is shortened and the vamp is dilated. The advantage is improving the fitness, and the disadvantage is that it’s unsuitable for the guys who has high step.

The rear 3 couples of shoelaces holes are added with leather material, which can improve the lateral supporting fitness and also can improve the durability.

The lining of heelpiece is not too thin and not too thick.

The outboard vamp has PUMA logo above the hot-melting material to strength the lateral supporting performance.

The heelpiece is covered with a big area of black leather with stereoscopic ripple pattern.

The gradually varied yellow green is jointed with black. The color contrast is bright.

The force bearing point position of outboard forefoot sole is widened to improve the lateral moving stability.

The insole of PUMA NITRO FOAM is light and offers good feedback and stable buffer performance.

The yellow green and black semitransparent rubber outsole

The forefoot outsole uses spindrift water ripple pattern. It also has Stuart logo and PUMA logo.

The width of EUR40.5 half sole is about 110.78mm.

The rear outsole uses radial pattern, which offers more stability.

The scar mark represents two of Stuart’s Achilles surgeries.

The width of EUR40.5 heelpiece is about 96.78mm.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. The reverse side has brush coating..

The length of EUR40.5 shoe-pad is about 262mm.

The width of EUR40.5 halfsole shoe-pad is about 90.45mm.

The thickness of EUR40.5 shoe-pad is about 5.47mm.

The EVA material insole fabric

The unit weight of EUR40.5 is about 407g.


“It’s a special honor to partner with PUMA to release the first women’s signature basketball shoes on the market in nearly 20 years”, said Breanna Stewart.” I hope the STEWIE 1 can promote and develop the status the status of female athletes in all sports and inspire all young people to believe that personal signature shoes and any career achievement can be achieved.”

The same size of women’s shoes is 5mm longer than men’s shoes. The shoe tree is not wide. Large shoe tongue is convenient for putting on and taking off. It reduces the length of shoe tongue and increases the vamp area. If you have high instep, it should be unsuitable.

As it increases the vamp area, after fastening the shoelaces, you can feel the comfortable fitness. The vamp is reinforced with hot-melting material, the supporting performance is good. The insole uses NITRO FOAM cushion. The overall resilience is moderate, and the feedback of rear sole is obvious. The overall performance is great.

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