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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA FUSE 2.0

Multi-functional comprehensive training shoes are designed for daily fitness training. It’s suitable for a variety of types of sports. It’s professional and suitable training equipment, which can help us to avoid being injured. Let’s have a look at PUMA FUSE 2.0 power type training shoes. It’s designed for strength.It has good stability, fit and traction performance.


The red shoe box is printed with PUMA logo.

The outer layer uses big mesh and high strength fabric vamp.

The shoe head is added with hot-melting cover to improve the protection.

There are 6 couples of shoelace holes. The first couple of shoelace holes uses braid to increase the supporting stability.

The one-piece shoe tongue is added with foam material on stress position to reduce the oppressing sensation to instep.

The full-length inner sleeve uses soft fabric, which fit the feet well.

The translucency of PUMA FUSE 2.0


The shoe collar was thickened to improve the durability.

The seam crossing positions of the vamp are treated by pressing glue.

The surrounding TPU plate on the heelpiece offer good supporting performance and stability.

The width of EUR42 heelpiece surrounding TPU plate is about 75.88mm.

The one-piece rubber outsole

Both sides of outsole have upturning design. The inner side offer supporting performance and the outer side increase the stability. It can offer all-round protection and stability.

It offers more stability for powerful training.

The PUMA Grip outsole offer powerful traction performance and durability. It can offer comprehensive support for kinds of training like jumping box, burpee and weight training.

The FUSEFlex groove allows the half sole to naturally bend during movement, increasing flexibility and reducing energy loss during movement.

The FUSEFlex groove can improve the flexibility when training.

The width of EUR42 half sole is about 112.41mm. The widen half sole design can offer comfortable stability when powerful training.

The pattern of heelpiece is flat.

The width of EUR42 heelpiece is about 86.69mm.

The one-piece dismountable foaming shoe-pad is covered with fabric material. The reverse side has a lot of lines to improve the force of friction to avoid slipping.

The length of EUR42 foaming shoe-pad is about 270mm.


The width of EUR42 half sole shoe-pad is about 94.35mm.

The thickness of EUR42 half sole shoe-pad is about 10.15mm.

The width of EUR42 heelpiece shoe-pad is about 62.94mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece shoe-pad is about 10.85mm.

The surface of insole fabric is thick non-woven material.

The unit weight of EUR42 PUMA FUSE 2.0 is about 372.5g.

There are many colorways for your choice.


If you like strength training, you must don’t want to miss PUMA FUSE 2.0.

The widened outsole and adjusted height of shoe head can help to strengthen your toes and offer supporting performance. The one-piece cushioning insole with PUMA Grip outsole offers strong traction performance and high durability, and it can offer professional protection when training.

The size is half size bigger than standard size. The width of half sole is moderate. Although it uses full-length inner sleeve, but the opening of shoe tongue is big, so it’s convenient for putting on and taking off. The insole is a little stiff, so you won’t be easy to be injured when making powerful training. The upturning outsole design offers excellent stability, so the feet won’t be easy to be sprained when training.

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