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Nike Zoom Kobe 5 CHAOS Performance Review

Today I want to talk about the performance of NIKE Zoom KOBE 5 CHAOS.

I love the colorway and appearance of NIKE Zoom KOBE 5 CHAOS at the first sight. It’s worthy to purchase it. But I’m disappointed at the foam of rear sole. It’s too soft.

Many guys would doubt why it has the ZOOM logo on the rear sole, as it has cancelled the ZOOM air cushion of rear sole.

The reason is, NIKE uses the same sole mould to produce to save the cost.

Although it doesn’t have ZOOM Air cushion on the rear sole, but the cushion performance is enough for me.
Actually, the big area of ZOOM Turbo air cushion on the forefoot sole is unsuitable. But if you don’t make big movements, the flat sole can feel the feedback of ZOOM from each direction.

I’m worried that the stiff vamp is easy to broke if bending too many times.

The anti-rollover design of the forefoot is excellent. The design is great. I feel safe and stable when turning.

If you are fans of KOBE, it’s worthy to purchase it.