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Nike Zoom Heritage N7 Performance Review

Many guys are unfamiliar with Nike Zoom Heritage N7. Actually, it’s a pair of nice shoes. The price is not high, and the appearance is cool. Moreover, the performance is excellent. So we want to talk about Nike Zoom Heritage N7 today.

At the first sight of Nike Zoom Heritage N7, I think that its center of gravity should be high like ZOOM Rize.

Actually, after wearing it, the feedback of insole is excellent. The feedback of forefoot ZOOM is obvious, and the center of gravity is not high. It’s similar to CP3 11. The rear insole is soft and elastic, the cushion performance is enough for me.

Although it’s cheap, it also has the carbon plate on the insole.

The main material of vamp is leather, and it’s decorated with knitted material. The air permeability is not good enough. But the supporting performance of vamp is great.

As we mentioned, the feedback of ZOOM on forefoot insole is excellent, and the rear insole is soft and elastic. So the cushion performance is great. Moreover, it has silica gel shoe-pad.

The inner padding is enough. Nike Zoom Heritage N7 also uses the traditional and useful shoe lacing system. If your foot is not too wide, it should be also suitable for you.