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The Peformance Review of Nike React Infinity Run

Many people like running, but some of them are afraid the injury that caused by running. There are two types of running injuries, that is, acute and cumulative. A professional runner can always avoid the running injuries by reasonable training way and suitable running shoes. A pair of running shoes is important to runner.

As a pair of professional running shoes, Nike React Infinity Run has wide sole to offer excellent stability. The usage of React cushion technology offers excellent cushion performance and resilience. I can feel safe when running, and the energy feedback of React is obviously.

The integrated socks type design with the newest Flyknit Loft knitted technology guarantee the air permeability and supporting performance of vamp. Nike React Infinity Run fit the foot very well, it likes socks.

It uses gradually varied pink reinforcing material covering the vamp and shoe heel. It enhances the stability of shoe heel. The Swoosh logo is also special.

The unit weight is light. The center of gravity is on the outsole. And the wide sole improves the anti-rollover performance.

After running on the cement ground, stone brick road, and running track, I can feel the stability of the wide and thick insole. The cushion performance is excellent.

It’s worthy to mention that the black TPU between vamp and insole can stabilize the heel and also improve the anti-rollover performance and supporting performance. The outsole can grip the ground very well.

The running performance of Nike React Infinity Run is excellent, it has great stability and protecting performance. It can bring professional protection for the beginning runners and class runners, especially for the runners who are heavy weight or easy to be hurt.

Of course, to avoid being injured when running, the correct training way and reasonable training time is also important except the choice of running shoes.

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Nike React Infinity Run Performance Review

Should I purchase a pair of new running shoes?

As not only running, we can also wear running shoes to do some basic training. So that we have more request for the performance of running shoes. Different runners have different request for the cushion performance of running shoes. Normally the stability and protection of the shoes will become the best measuring indicators of good running shoes.

Recently, Nike released the brand-new Nike React Infinity Run.

Before releasing Nike React Infinity Run, Nike chose 226 male and female runners to proceed 12 weeks running training program for product testing. And the testing result proves that Nike React Infinity Run reduces about 52% odds of running injuries comparing with Nike Air Zoom Structure 22.

We can also find that Nike upgrade Nike React Infinity Run to improve the protection and stability from the appearance. The widen outsole and thicker React foam balance the request of stability and comfort level when running.

After running, I felt that this pair of Nike React Infinity Run is much better than my previous Nike React running shoes. I can feel the excellent cushion performance, it’s more elastic than other React running shoes. And the rubber outsole make it has better traction performance.

The brand-new knitted vamp has two parts, the density of rear part is dense, With increasing TPU stabilizing plate and built-in stabilizing design, it can offer better protection to the heelpiece. And the vamp of forefoot is thinner, but it has abundant knitted grains and separated layers. It has good air permeability and can it can keep the stability of forefoot. The supporting performance is good.

Normally, the unit weight of the running shoes will be heavy with thick cushioning material. But this pair of Nike React Infinity Run is light.

The unit weight of US11=EUR45 Nike React Infinity Run is only about 300g (left shoe is 308g, right shoe is 305g). As a pair of running shoes whose location is for good stability and excellent cushion performance, it’s quite light.

As I don’t like to long distance running, I normally run about 5km one time, the weight and performance of Nike React Infinity Run is very suitable to me. I recommend it to the beginner runners or the guys who like the running shoes with excellent cushion performance.