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Nike LeBron 15 “Graffiti” Performance Review

LeBron debuted a “Graffiti” colorway of his LeBron 15 silhouette dressed primarily in white and black. I bought it late, because of I waited for a good price , for this one , actually give me a great  performance , we will talking it details .


The King’s latest sneaker? It’s somehow made for both, and it’ll draw eyeballs both on the court and off. Off the court, there’s the distinct look, something futuristic, driven by what Nike calls BattleKnit.The biggest important of the Lebron 15 is the upgraded version of the Flyknit upper (Battleknit), which feels like a combination of Flyknit and Flyweave.
Flyweave, also known as Performance Woven, is a more robust and more complex weaving process than KD8, Air Jordan 29 to Air Jordan 31. It is a bit durable, strong and has good support. but I felt a little  it is stiff and bad ventilation than Flyknit shoes .If you dont like the stiff upper used on the LeBron 13 and the cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 14, you may find that the material will be the favorite one of your choose.



Battleknit is more like a good combine between Flyknit and Flyweave, this kind of material keep the  Flyknit comfort and Flyweave sturdiness.
The collar of Lebron 15 is much easier to wear than the previous version , and the black area is more elastic and does not cause pressure on the foot. The wrap is strong and the width of the forefoot is moderate. personally I  like it, the court  feeling  is great.
The cross-stitched diamond weave of the Lebron 15 looks more strong and  actually this material provides some support for the upper.


Supporting :

For the supporting , though Battleknit is more comfortable and nice supporting , but because of the design of ankle  which without supporting , it is almost give up the protection of ankle , that is dangerous,especially for the fast running .


Looking at the Lebron 14, the supporting of Lebron 14 will be better than Lebron 15. because of the Lebron 14 give more attention of the supporting , this one will be  lockdown and protection than 15. For the  Lebron 15 , nine times out of ten it happens to be support that you giving up.

Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. However, the midsole and outsole lack a wide enough base and it really hurt the lateral stability and overall support.


Although a TPU has been added to the Phylon midsole of the Lebron 15, this only improves the torsion resistance of the sneakers. Lebron 15, which has no rollover prevention, so we feel unstability.
The Battleknit upper is also unable to make up, and there is no under-supporting problem caused by the anti-rollover angle design. On the Lebron 10, on the outside of the upper, a long TPU is used to strengthen the side support. This improves the overall stability of the shoe, and the Lebron 15 has nothing but the Battleknit upper. as we know the material just have been not enough of the supporting and protection .

But the BattleKnit material changes the game here, too: These LeBrons have a tight, sock-like fit, and the material locks your foot to the sole nicely. The resulting shoe is comfortable, and it moves with you on the court, without ever feeling overly tight.

Regarding the protection design of the toe anti-stepping, the integrated Battleknit upper is reinforced at the big mother’s toe, and the Lebron 15’s toe anti-tread is still much better than the Lebron 14.

For the cushioning :

The Lebron series has always been a “top cushioning”. Of course, Lebron 15’s cushioning is also the technology part that everyone cares about. The LeBron 15 is use Zoom Air combined with Max Air’s cushioning  at firstly.
Note that for the first time, the air cushion of the LeBron 15 is completely different from the LeBron 10, and the air cushion of the LeBron 15 is more like the “Zoom Max”. I guess that the more  weight  guy will be  like this kind of cushion much , but for the light guy , they can not felt the zoom .



LeBron 15 features four-way articulated ZOOM Air & MAX Air mesh up together with pretty thick Phylon layer on top to keep all this AIR madness controlled. And of course, this particular setup alone from a construction stamp point, reminds me of the KD 9’s articulated ZOOM Air tooling.


The Lebron logo as usually .

For the traction :

LeBron 15’s outsole pattern uses a small scale-like small grain pattern, which performs well in a clean indoor grip, but it is greatly reduced in terms of dust and water. It may also be a small stone collector in the field.

They didn’t live up to my expectations completely, as the performance wasn’t on that hall of fame level even though, this particular colorway features a solid rubber compound with a translucent one. Maybe the  translucent



I didn’t feel clumsy or high of the ground like with the past LeBron’s sneakers. The 15 does play completely different from what we used to since the tooling itself plays whole lot lighter & smoother, delivering enjoyable heel to toe transition.

The signature of the pull tab.


Overall,  the ZOOM Air and MAX Air midsole that does deliver ton of impact protection and bouncy ride , and translucent traction just ok, but the grip is great.

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Nike LeBron 15 “ASHES” Performance Review

LeBron James is already calling the Nike LeBron 15 ASHES his favorite signature shoe since released , and there are a lot of  colrway  of shoes has been released so far

Today we are talking about it .

For the cushioning :  cushioning unit is called BattleMax and features compartments of visibile Zoom Air.  that is the newest design so far.

For the BattleMax, the bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is awesome. This isn’t the first time this type of cushion has been utilized in a LeBron model (the last time was the LeBron 10) but articulation is present this time around so overall mobility has greatly increased.

I think the set up is perfect.  Lateral stability which a bit better than the J10 due to wrapping the front portion of the Air unit in Phylon . For me ,  it is nicely ,I can feel the bounce and feedback in the court.  I’m not sure why there isn’t a true outrigger on a shoe that rides on a platform made of Air, but that’s what we’ve got to work with here.

If you’re a linear player, like LeBron, then you shouldn’t have many issues with stability and support. However, if you move laterally often then you’ll likely feel the instability and it’ll hinder your on court performance. It caused me to hesitate instead of moving as I normally would around the court.


For the material :The upper is a textured knit material called BattleKnit as it features a textured weave that adds depth in design .

If you dont like the stiff upper used on the LeBron 13 and the cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 14, you may find that the material will be the favorite one of your choose.

We can see  some areas of the knit are thicker than others while high wear areas are glued a bit because of it will be more  durability. For me , I felt comfortable and secure , it is nicely .

For the supporting : An aggressive heel counter is the only external piece on the upper, so it’s clear that designer Jason Petrie went super minimal for the LeBron 15 shoes.  Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. Hwoever, the midsole and outsole lack a wide enough base and it really hurt the lateral stability and overall support. Again, if you’re a linear player then you should be fine. If you move around laterally then you may have the same experience I had in them.


For the traction .  the traction was solid but it is great . I can feel the  the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well from a linear standpoint. however,the way the pattern is implemented seems to be straight across the surface.  so maybe it maybe not suit for the  wet  court . And If some portions of the pattern were turned a bit I feel lateral coverage would’ve had that same bite that it offers linearly.

For me , the court I had played on was one of the most pristine surfaces I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. actually  I dont like the solid traction , and  there killer colorways releasing that use translucent rubber that will be more enticing than some of the offerings that use solid rubber, maybe  the translucent rubber will be  great on the  outcourt

Overall ,  It is amazing , I hope that  the LeBron 16 that adds lateral stability while retaining all of the awesomeness that is Max Zoom Air.


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Nike Lebron 15(XV) Deconstructed Report

According to Nike, “LeBron Watch will feature the best of LEBRON 15 PEs, and bring them directly to consumers the minute he steps on the court via SNKRS. And we will surprise and delight consumers by bringing back the most-voted product at the season’s end.” The LEBRON 15 PE  was become the most popular in the sneaker world this season. James  praised the Lebron 15 with new technology  innovation,using a new NIKE BATTLEKNIT upgrade uppers and  collocation ZOOM+MAX super cushioning system for the new season.

The “Ashes” colorway, also doubling down with the “Ghost” colorway we’re here to take a look today.

Here are some details from FASTERPAST as below :

The inner structure of the ZOOM+MAX air cushion can be clearly seen on the picture .

We  can see the clearly picture for the material and cushioning .

The back of the NIKE BATTLEKNIT shoe, weave is tight and smooth,The FLYWIRE on both sides of the inner boot fastens the shoelace to provide good wrapping.

The soft boots, more fit feet.

The material of midsole is EVA which is very soft, very good flexibility, suitable for the sneakers.

The back cloth is made of non-woven fabric, printed with: LEBRON XV LAST:JM-11H SIZE:9# 897649

there is a tpu inside of midsole .


And there are 3 strong line in the TPU .


The supporting of TPU for US 9/42.5 have  125.08mm.

The Tpu of  front-sole for US 9/42.5 have  45.65mm.

The thickness of  arch TPU support plate is about 3.11 mm  .

For the traction , it is really a surprise this time .here below are the details :


For the cushioning , it is utilized the ZOOM +MAX AIR units . it is great  for this design .

The lengthof  ZOOM+MAX of the front-sole  about 72.37mm

The  wide of front -sole air ZOOM+MAX about 109.26 mm


The length of  midsole ‘s ZOOM+MAX about 95.00mm

The wide  of  midsole ‘s ZOOM+MAX about 87.48.00mm

The set up of LEBRON XV ZOOM+MAX air cushion unit close to the middle bottom, the actual thickness is thicker than the exposed thicknessLEBRON XV

The thickness of LEBRON XV ZOOM+MAX air cushion unit  are 16.62mm

there are some  specification of the data .

The midsole and the out sole are thick  22.97mm

Overall , LEBRON XV EP many new technology use, to bring different wearing experience, BATTLEKNIT vamp and comfortable fit, suitable for more people . especially the  ZOOM+MAX air unit are newest and fashion design , it is performance will be great .

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Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ghost’ Performance Reviews

For New York Fashion Week, LeBron James just unveiled  the Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ghost’.

How about the  Lebron15 ?

A lot of  people are asking whether Lebron15 is worth to buy ? The answer is definitely  yes . Lebron15 must be one of the most comfortable sneakers available so far.

This Nike LeBron 15 comes dressed in a String, Vachetta Tan and Sail color combination. it is seems a shine under the sun。

So there is new design for 15 Lebron.

1, It followed the design of 14 Lebron.
2,It followed the design of PULL TAB
3, The traction was followed the last version
3,It used the SWOOSH LOGO which have more three-dimensional

For the traction , Finishing the look is an icy translucent outsole. because of the bottom line ,the grip is great .

for the box, it nothing special .

Compare with the 14 LEBRON, there are some different as below :

For the supporting , compare with the 14 version , 15 Lebron great then 14 one .many people will like it on the court .

For cushioning , new signature shoe will feature BattleKnit across the uppers and BattleMax cushioning.Actually it excellent for the update of the cushioning . the supporting of the midsole is enough, even when we jump and down ,and running .

String is seen across the base while Vachetta Tan lands on the tongue an heel. it is the most different compare with the 14 Lebron . and 15 Lebron abandon the strap ,but it improve the lace system.

For the material , the material of vamp is great , the new design and new shape of vamp. this is the first try in the Lebron sneakers, the ventilation is better .

overall , the great cushioning  and  new design of materail  are amazing ,will you support the new 15 Lebron ?

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Nike LeBron 15 Release Date Information and Colorways

Coming soon is the unveiling of the Nike LeBron 15 which James will wear during the 2017-18 NBA Season. However it appears that LeBron James gave us a preview of his 15th signature shoe.

SHOF recently announced that a total of six different colorways of the Nike LeBron 15 will be releasing this year (2017). As most of us know by now, this first colorways will be dropping during the month of October. These color schemes include: Black/White, Black/Team Red-Metallic Gold, String/Vachetta Tan-Sail, and University Red/Black color options. In addition to those four pairs, a Black/Team Red-Ale Brown will release in November and an Dark Atomic Teal/Team Red-Muted Bronze-Ale Brown is scheduled to release in December.

Nike LeBron 15 Release Date

At the time of writing, a specific release date for the Nike LeBron 15 is unknown but the new model will debut during October 2017. Retail price will be $185. Once we have more information including additional colorways, we will make sure to update you. check out full release specifics of the coming LeBron 15 below and stay tuned for more updates right here on Sneaker News.

2017/09/09 Update :Nike LeBron 15 Is LeBron James’ Favorite Signature Sneaker

Following an unprecedented runway debut, Nike is telling you what you need to know about the LeBron 15 as it pertains to basketball.

On board once again as lead designer is Jason Petrie, who was given the task of creating the most technically advanced signature model of James’ career. The LeBron 15 features evolved Flyknit construction that provides stretch, lockdown fit and durability, as well as a fully articulated cushioning system that combines Max Air and Zoom Air. A full bootie offers a one-to-one fit.

“This is my favorite shoe to date,” James told Nike. “The performance benefits and sophisticated look make this shoe a force on and off the court.”

After years of leather, mesh and posites, the LeBron signature line crosses over into Flyknit territory for the first time. James believes the technology keeps his shoe in line with the best performers.

“The number-one thing people should know about the LeBron 15 is that this new Nike Flyknit is something that’s never been done in a performance shoe,” notes James. “It looks great, too. Since Jason and I started working on the LEBRON VII, we have always talked about how we not only want to have the top, top, top notch in performance, we want style, as well. We have a desire to create shoes that makes all people feel good when they put it on.”

Update: Upcoming colorways for the Nike LeBron 15 via Soleheatonfeet.

Nike LeBron 15 Colorways

Nike LeBron 15
October 2017

Nike LeBron 15
Black/Black/Team Red-Metallic Gold
October 2017

Nike LeBron 15
String/Vachetta Tan-Sail
October 2017

Nike LeBron 15
University Red/Black-Black
October 2017

Nike LeBron 15
Black/Team Red-Ale Brown
November 2017

Nike LeBron 15
Dark Atomic Teal/Team Red-Muted Bronze-Ale Brown
December 2017

2017/09/09 Update : Nike LeBron 15 Floral Release Date

Not long ago we showed a first look at the Nike LeBron 15 which is LeBron James 15th signature shoe. Now we have a new pair showing up which was on the feet of Maverick Carter and seen on Victor Cruz’s Instagram story.

As you can see, this Nike LeBron 15 features White across the base however the highlight would be the Floral embroidery seen wrapping the uppers. Following we have Gold on the lace tips and White on the rubber outsole. The LeBron 15 is constructed with BattleKnit and BattleMax technology.

2017/09/09 Update : LeBron James shares a Nike LeBron 15 Going Ghost

Before walking in Ronnie Fieg’s KITH Sport fashion show tonight, LeBron James introduced the newest colorway of the Nike LeBron 15.

Dubbed “Ghost,” the shoe sports a light tan BattleKnit upper, coupled with vachetta tan leather pull-tabs. A speckled midsole and icy translucent sole provide the finishing touch below.

“I can’t be more excited about these kicks man,” said James in an Instagram caption. “I’m overly excited about this moment right now in time! More to come soon…”

While the LeBron will always pack performance value, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the design team wanted to make an off-court play with this model. We’re already seeing lifestyle elements infused into the build before the shoe even launches, which is expected to be next month.

2017/09/09 Update :  These Nike LeBron 15s Have Zippers – Yet another version of LeBron James’ latest signature model

Over the past few days, several variations of the Nike LeBron 15 have surfaced. There’s standard Battle Knit, Floral and strapped versions of the shoe, in addition to these pairs featuring full-length zipper enclosures.

Pairs in mint green and black were spotted at last night’s Kith Sport fashion show, each sporting a golden zipper right down the middle. The “Floral” make-up is also fastened by a zipper. Nothing has been announced as far as a potential release is concerned, but these may be the lifestyle answer to the performance model.

Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks, as the LeBron 15 is set to launch in October.