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Nike Kyrie Flytrap III EP Performance Review

Nike Kyrie Flytrap III EP version is the same as Kyrie Flytrap II. I’m attracted by its price and appearance. If you don’t have much funds but like Kyrie Irving, you can choose Kyrie Flytrap III EP.


  1. Great Traction Performance

The colorway that I purchased is blue and white one. It doesn’t have many pretty colorways like previous series for your choice. The outsole pattern is the classic Kyrie series’ outsole.

The traction performance of Kyrie Flytrap III EP is still great. I haven’t slipped when playing in indoor. I love the traction performance. The abrasive resistance of Kyrie Flytrap II is not good. I think that NIKE should have improved the abrasive resistance of Kyrie Flytrap III EP.


I played about 5 basketball games around 8-9 hours. I haven’t found big abrasion. And it isn’t easy to absorb dust. I think that the outsole of Kyrie Flytrap III EP is great.

  1. Great Fitness and Supporting Performance

Kyrie Flytrap III EP adds a piece of buckle fastener on the vamp. The front of Kyrie Flytrap III EP vamp is mesh fabric, and the rear vamp is artificial leather.

▼the buckle fastener is attractive.

With the thick shoe tongue, the overall fitness is good. But I think the forefoot is a little wider than Kyrie Flytrap II. But you can adjust the tightness by the buckle fastener.

▼Good fitness

The supporting performance of vamp is good. Although the TPU on the shoe heel is not very strong, but it’s enough for me. The protection of artificial leather part to ankle is good, as it’s thick.

Although it doesn’t have high protection, but it’s stable when playing the basketball games.
▼Anti-rollover performance is not bad

  1. High cost performance

Although Kyrie Flytrap III EP hasn’t been released for a long time, but the price is not high.


Yes, the biggest advantage is the bad cushion performance

It only has Zoom Pod on the forefoot. The feedback of Zoom Pod cushion is not obvious. If you are professional players, Kyrie Flytrap III EP is unsuitable to you. You won’t like its cushion performance.

▼Although the ZOOM is visible, but the cushion performance is bad


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5 stars

Shoe Tree: Normal

Size: Standard size

The performance of Kyrie Flytrap III is almost the same as Kyrie Flytrap II. It has a little upgrade, but it’s not obvious.

I personally think that Kyrie Flytrap III doesn’t have big difference with Curry 7.

The price of Kyrie Flytrap III is quite cheap, if you like it, you can purchase it to have a try.