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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

Suited Field:we suggest to wear it on inner court or outdoor plastic court.

Suited Players: weight about 60-85kg

Suited Playing ways: if you like turning, breaking through or like the excellent feedback of forefoot sole, it will be suitable to you

After playing about 5 basketball games with Kyrie 6, we want to share our review of the performance.


Kyrie 6 fit the foot very well, and it’s very comfortable. The size is also normal size. It’s very suitable. If you normally wear EUR42.5 or EUR43, I suggest you to buy EUR43.

From the official structure chart, we can see that the Velcro design it the instep very well. But it’s not good for the guys who has high instep. If you have high instep, it’s better to have a try before purchasing.

The design of shoe heel is actually tucked inward. And the outboard FATIMA’s hand is surrounding stiff TPU. We can see the actual area from the official structure chart. It really likes a hand to cover the heel.

Supporting Performance:

The inboard stiff design is a little stiff. The overall supporting performance is strong. The vamp won’t deform when urgent stopping.

But I feel uncomfortable for the support of midsole. The design of the Velcro part is a little deep, almost close to the middle part of the shoes. Moreover, it’s stiff material. It can offer the support to arch. But if you are flat foot, it may press your arch.

If you just put on the shoes, and fasten the shoelaces and Velcro, the arch will be uncomfortable. It needs some times to break-in.

The supporting performance of shoe heel is great. You don’t need to worry about it.

Cushion Performance:

I really like the insole of Kyrie 6. It feels like the feedback of AJ34 when putting on.

The Zoom Turbo of forefoot is not even type. The middle part is elastic, and the surrounding part is soft. When you start on the front side, it will push you to go ahead. It has good elasticity.

The Phylon of rear sole is more comfortable than Kyrie 5. The cushion performance of rear sole is enough for the guys whose weight is below 85kg.

Anti-torsion performance:

As we haven’t deconstructed, so we are not sure if it has the anti-torsion plate now.

But if bending it, the deformation is small. The strength is good. There are two reasons:

1. The design of Velcro is deep and it’s stiff, so it has the effect of anti-torsion.

2. The Phylon of midsole is also stiff.

So the anti-torsion performance of Kyrie 6 is good.

Traction Performance:

The traction performance of the outsole is also great. It reminds me CP11.

In the clean wood floor, we can hear the noise. The outsole can offer excellent feedback when urgent stopping or turning. And the outsole is wide. The grain is similar to Kyrie 4. It’s better than Kyrie 5. It’s safer.

Abrasive Resistance:

I think the Abrasive Resistance of Kyrie 6 is also better than Kyrie 5. But after playing 5 basketball games, the sole already has some burrs. So it’s not suitable to play on cement court.

Below is our marking for Kyrie 6:

Fit: 9 scores

Vamp Support:8.5 scores

Feedback of forefoot:9 scores

Cushion Performance of Rear Sole:7.5 scores

Anti-torsion Performance:7 scores

Anti-rollover Performance:8.5 scores

Traction Performance:8.5 scores

Overall Protection:8 scores

Overall Support:8 scores

Overall Stability:9 scores

Overall:83 scores

Why can Kyrie 6 get such high scores without air cushion on rear sole and knit vamp (and maybe it doesn’t have supporting plate on arch)? Although Kyrie 6 only adds the thickness of air cushion, give the support to arch from Velcro and it has special TPU on the shoe head.

The problem of Kyrie 6 is, it’s not suitable to the guys who have disease on the arch of foot. But if you have suitable shoe-pad for supporting arch of foot, you can choose it even if you have the disease.

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