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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

NIKE Kyrie 6 uses the same buckle fastener design as Kyrie 5. I didn’t want to talk the performance of Kyrie 6. But Kyrie series are popular in the market. Many guys want to see the actual performance of Kyrie 6.

I always haven’t offered high scores to Kyrie series basketball shoes, especially Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 5. Let’s have a look at Kyrie 6.


  1. Great ZOOM Turbo

The configuration of Kyrie 5 & Kyrie 6 uses ZOOM Turbo on forefoot sole. I can feel the excellent cushion performance of ZOOM Turbo. If you used to fall down on the ground by forefoot firstly, you will love it.

The starting speed also won’t be affected by the excellent cushion performance of forefoot sole. Although it should only have foam on the rear sole, but it’s not stiff and has basic cushion performance. The most important thing is, I feel the center of gravity is good.

  1. Excellent Traction Performance

The outsole design of Kyrie 6 is great. It has the landmark eye pattern of Kyrie series basketball shoes. And the outsole is also extending to insole. If you like turning or changing the directions, it will grip the ground very well.

▼The outsole pattern looks great

The outsole performance is excellent. It doesn’t need times to break-in like Kyrie 5. I haven’t slipped not matter on side direction or forward and back up. You don’t need to worry about the traction performance of Kyrie 6.

▼with the upturning grains, the lateral traction performance is great

The black and white colorway Kyrie 6 is XDR outsole. It doesn’t have much abrasion after testing. But I mainly played basketball on indoor court. But may guys like to play basketball on outdoor court when wearing Kyrie series basketball shoes. So my personal experience is just for your reference. I’m very satisfied at the traction performance of Kyrie 6.

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The front part of vamp is mesh fabric and the rear part is artificial leather. I love the combination of mesh fabric and leather. The mesh fabric has good air permeability and the leather has good supporting performance.

We can see the obvious buckle fastener design of Kyrie series basketball shoes. It improve the fitness. It’s more useful than the Dionaea muscipula design.

The shoe tree of Kyrie 6 is wide. The performance of Kyrie 4 is great, but it will press the toes sometimes. But the shoe tree of Kyrie 6 is widened than Kyrie 4.

The middle type can protect the ankle. The thick artificial leather can fit the foot very well and it can offer good supporting performance.

It has thick TPU on the shoe heel as support.

The anti-rollover performance is great. The upturning outsole pattern can increase the force of friction. The forefoot sole is wide. So it’s stable. It has rubber material on the part close to toes. Although it’s not big, but the material is stiff. So I think that the supporting performance and protection of Kyrie 6 is good.


Kyrie 6 doesn’t have obvious advantages. I’m satisfied at the overall performance of Kyrie 6. But as it described on the official website, it’s unsuitable to wear protective clothing like ankle guard. So it’s a disadvantage.


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9.3 scores

Shoe tree: a little narrow

Size: normal size like other Kyrie series basketball shoes.  I normally wear EUR43 for NIKE/ADIDAS shoes, but I need to choose EUR44 for Kyrie series shoes.

Frankly, I thought that I won’t give high scores to Kyrie series shoes. As the previous Kyrie series shoes are wide for me. And it needs to play about 2 basketball games for breaking-in Kyrie 5.

It’s glad that Kyrie 6 doesn’t have these problems, it’s improved a lot comparing with previous series. I think that the overall performance of Kyrie 6 is great. It’s suitable for most of players. It’s worthy to have a try.

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