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Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review

Have you look the newest picture of Kyrie 5.There are a lot of pictures which on the foot on the internet .Kyrie lrving also  put these pictures on foot to internet. Irving has been spotted practicing in a previously unseen model which could be his next signature shoe. So that this one –Kyrie 5.It is look cool .The shoe itself is reminiscent of previous Kyrie models, but introduces what appears to be a shroud which is connected with the shoelaces.

So how about the performance about the shoes ?



The Pierre Jackson who joined CBA  and got the 44 scores. He is strongest and most popular in recently.Looking back on his career, he has also had a lot of experience – NBA, NBDL, European arena. The special assessor in front of us has experienced great ups and downs in his life.

Nike Air Zoom Turbo is the amazing. This air cushion is specially designed for Irving.This cushioning is cutting the whole huge air cushion unit to improve the flexibility of the air cushion unit, highly fit the outline of both feet and outsole, thus providing feedback under any action.


No matter how others look at the color schemes and the inspiration stories behind them, I just want to express them in the simplest and straightforward way. The most important thing in every story is that it makes people feel the same. I will also encourage others to share their stories. Sometimes people feel lonely and seem to be far from anyone else. I want to stand up and become a bridge between them. This is what it means.



Irving said that the Kyrie already used a  breakthrough technology  which the new Nike Air Zoom that helps  player run faster and more flexibly on the court. KYRIE 5’s designer Benjamin Nethongkome made a breakthrough in three key elements:

We can see the details of this shoes.For the cushioning part ,it is totally .The cushioning is flexible and stable on the court, also it a unique character. The design of the Nike Air Zoom Turbo series is based on Irving’s on-field style, which perfectly matches the texture of the sneakers to the feet. “KYRIE 5 has a cushioning function that allows the pressure generated during running to be evenly distributed throughout the forefoot, making it responsive on the court to perfectly match the player’s fast-changing style.” Nethongkome explains that when the Nike Air Zoom Turbo technology provides a full range of protection to help him with his difficult layups, broken lines and sharp changes.



Experience a similar sense of forefoot feedback, whether it’s squatting or changing direction, Kyrie 5 can provide obvious feedback, the forefoot of the feet is wrapped in the air cushion.


For the lace system and upper system , it is also got a new update . This technology allows the Nike Air Zoom Turbo Series to keep your feet attached and locked. Nethongkome said that Flywire technology can closely fit the feet with the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, expanding the rebound of the forefoot of the feet. In the pursuit of aesthetics, it also enhances comfort and experience.


We can see the picture as below :



The outside is connected to the upper and the shoelace via the Flywire flying line, and with a unique lacing system, when the shoelace is tightened, the upper can be better wrapped, while not affecting the upper as the traditional strap fold.

For the traction , also it is look great .According to Nethongkome, the geometric pattern is designed to ensure the stability of the KYRIE 5 sole. The design of the sole pattern was inspired by the Fatima hand on Irving’s left arm, which symbolizes protection for him and keeps him away from bad luck. He hopes that the shoes will show more details of his life than just a pair of basketball shoes, which also allows us to incorporate his ideas into the design

For the actually review , it is nice and amazing .but I felt it is followed the Kyrie 4 , I guess it  same feeling anyway .but the performance is amazing.In addition to the comfortable feedback from the Air Zoom Turbo, there is also a high demand for the upper package and the outsole grip. Kyrie 5’s performance in these two aspects, makes Jackson feel very practical, even in the usual outfield, he can still master basketball at his own pace.




Compared to the design used by the Nike PG 1, the Flytrap is larger and more reliable. it is unlike the  traditional straps, Flytrap is more flexible, just like the “Flyrus” used by Nike Kyrie 5 has three lace holes, and it is very easy to add or reduce a shoelace hole for other shoes. This design can also be easily applied to other shoes, such as the Nike PG series.It is totally new and nice design .



This shoe actually better for the short men who need mote flexibility . we are rely on the rhythm to win the speed . For the shoes I  like the overall wrapping and grip. I recently passed the most comfortable pair of shoes is Kyrie 3, it is really excellent, and this pair of Kyrie 5 It really surprised me, I like the feeling of locking my feet too much.

Overall, the Kyrie 5 is better ,it is got more upgrade.The new technology of cushioning  and lace system are amazing .The position of Swoosh has changed and the upper has been reshaped. In addition to these, Irving is also actively using his signature series to share more stories.