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Nike Kyrie 2 Performance Review

We have shared the unboxing article of Kyrie 2 Low before. Today we want to share our review for the performance of Kyrie 2 Low.

The shoe shape design is normal version. I normally wear the size EUR42.5, but the same size of Kyrie 2 Low is a little tight. So we choose half size bigger EUR43 to test.

The inner length of EUR43 is suitable for me. So we suggest you to purchase half size bigger than your normal size if you want to purchase Kyrie 2 Low. It’s better that you can have a try before purchasing in internet.

The appearance of Kyrie 2 Low is different with Kyrie 1 Low. Kyrie 1 low looks bigger. Kyrie 2 Low looks better than Kyrie 1 low.

Kyrie 1 low refers to the forefoot sole design of Kyrie 3, which adds a piece of ZOOM Air cushion on the forefoot sole, so the outsole of Kyrie 1 low is unstable, and the center of gravity is high.

Regarding the problem of Kyrie 1 low, let’s have a look at the change of Kyrie 2 low.

Kyrie 2 low still put square ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole and rear sole. But the position of forefoot sole air cushion is changed. The Zoom Air cushion is covered by Phylon. It’s to reduce the center of gravity and increase the touching area of foot with ZOOM Air cushion.

The outsole of Kyrie 2 Low is widen, so the stability is better than Kyrie 1 low. It’s similar to Kyrie 6.

It reduces the center of gravity, and improve the stability and flexibility of forefoot sole.

We can have a look at the deconstructed parts of Kyrie 1 and Kyrie 2. Kyrie 1 put the air cushion of forefoot sole near to the outsole. And Kyrie 2 also makes an open mouth in the middle part. That’s the biggest difference for the position of Kyrie 1 and Kyrie 2’s air cushion.

But I think that the air cushion on the forefoot sole of Kyrie 2 is a little stiff. If we haven’t deconstructed it, we won’t believe that it has the air cushion on forefoot. But as you can’t feel the air cushion obviously, then the arc-shaped outsole can make the effect.

The starting feedback is also fast.

If comparing with the ZOOM Turbo arch-shaped outsole of Kyrie 6, I prefer to the performance of Kyrie 2.

The cushion performance of Kyrie 1 and Kyrie 2’s rear sole is almost on the same level.

As the ZOOM Air cushion is covered with Phylon material, so the feedback is not fast.

The Velcro are also covered with two pieces of TPU plate which can offer good fit and support to vamp.

There is a problem with the shoe heel, it is easy to loosen. It’s not due to the problem of size.

It’s pity that the insole of Kyrie 2 Low doesn’t have anti-torsion plate and carbon plate. But the strength is still good.

After testing, we get a result, that is, if you want to choose a pair of basketball shoes, you can choose Kyrie 2. If you want to choose a pair of casual shoes, you can choose Kyrie 6.

The flexibility of Kyrie 2 is better, and it can fi the foot better than Kyrie 6. Kyrie 2 has the advantages of Kyrie 6. Moreover, Kyrie 2 has more advantages, such as the good cushion performance of rear sole, good flexibility and better supporting performance.

If your foot is wide foot, it maybe not suitable for you. And if you have strong ankle strength and like turning, you can purchase Kyrie 2 to have a try. But if your ankle was hurt before, we don’t suggest you to purchase it.